Umar Abega – a superhuman, an emancipator of our time.


By Muhammad Umar Shehu

If there should be a time when the teaming youth of present generation need to sit up and learn to distinguish themselves is now.

As the realities of life continue to unfold itself, it is therefore expected of our up coming future leaders to learn from the giant stride of Mr Umar Abega, who’s name is a household name not only among his mates and colleagues, but a name to be identified with in all ramifications of life.

Umar Abega has always been a consistent achiever, an excellent student, and also a shining star of not only in his secondary days but even up to date he is a name to be recon with when you talk about excellent and wonderful performance.

No wonder he has consistently been the overall best students in all the levels of education that he found himself, he has always beating his mates and colleagues squarely.

In the foreign arena, he is a diplomat to the core, a man of unquantifiable diplomatic abilities to attract the present of expert rate to his kingdom for the establishment of industries that would bring development not only to his people, but to the nation at large.

Back here in Nigeria where he worked as a senior assistant to the governor and a protocol officer to the governor’s wife, he was however chosen among many to be trained as diplomat, he also distinguish himself.

He also worked at the presidential villa as a protocol officer and also become very outstanding there. And was transfer to the embassy where he was also exceptionally good.

With this numerous excellent performance, youth of our time are been called to tap from the attitude Umar Abega’s wealth of experience in other to also write their names in sand gold of time.

The best attainments in life is when the general public mafficks one’s services or achievements towards his task and work to the populace around him notwithstanding the fact that the celebrants continues to carry on his task to the public.

Some people are naturally life-supporters, with positive mind in helping others and conscientious in rising known and unknown people; all this qualities can be found in no other person than Umar Abega who was a diplomat, superhuman and industrious.

In his quest to equip today’s youth to even be more than him, Abega’s foundation has embark on massive skills acquisition training of more than 1000 thousand youths who are not doing so well in school, in other to train them in various entrepreneur work that would aid them to be self reliance.

Furthermore, Mr Abega is into a project of empowering women especially widows by setting up businesses of many kinds to them so that they can continue from where their late husband’s stop, by so doing they can train their children not to be nuisance but good citizens and tomorrow leaders that would provide good governance.

Orphans are not also left behind in the agenda of betterment to the lives of youths by Mr Abega, this can also be seen in the scholarship that he has given to the orphans so that they can go to good schools and obtain qualitative education that would equip them to be exceptionally good like him.

With this giant stride of the emancipator of our time, it is believed that in few years to come there would be no more social evils in our community and state because Abega have chased and wiped both poverty and ignorance out in the minds of our youth who are tomorrow leaders.

Muhammad Umar Shehu
Can be reached via 08035794769

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