Kannywood: starlets and blink of an eye stardom.


By Adamu Aminu.

From every vantage point, show business industries worldwide, apart from being an epicentre of gaining celebrity status, is also a centre of brewing scandals, controversies, claims and counterclaims.

The recent controversial statement made by the veteran, Kano-based Hausa movie actress, Ladin Chima popularly known as Tambaya of allegedly being a subject of exploitation despite her decade’s long experiences acquired.

The fire-spitting utterances made by the iconic actress seemingly opened the cans of worms, paving the way for trading blames, exchanging testy remarks as well as unsubstantiated allegations going around among the topmost industry’s stakeholders in Kannywood.

The development which stirs the hornets net within the industry has raised more questions than answers and observations, which depicts that age-long experience and acting skills mastery looks seemingly immaterial for the success in Kannywood.

Whereas, the starlets – freshly, upcoming actresses bearing lovable nature, pleasing features with regards to light skin-complexion or well-proportionate feminine figure mostly
enjoy before the blink of eye stardom.

While some of the veteran and experienced stakeholders( most actors and some aged, experienced actresses) of the industry are seemingly better off but have nothing to show up in proportionate to their long-term expertise in the industry.

Though some of the iconic actors such as Ali Nuhu, Adamu Abdullahi Zango among others, which are undoubtedly enjoys the fruits of their labour in a carrier spanned to more than two decades ago.

Even though, most acting profession is image-conscious. Those who were naturally endowed with pleasing appearances ( more especially actresses) are more likely to be featured as principal characters in a movie than their counterparts who starred mostly in supporting roles.

While the aged, featured in parental roles and those with bulky body frames or having less photogenic looks normally do relegate to villains or small roles.

But this normally doesn’t block them from eating the sweety fruits of their labour in tandem with the standard practice of the acting profession worldwide.

Well, despite the aforementioned short instances, the recent fiasco polarizing the stakeholders of the Kano based movie industry, has stimulated my storytelling senses to raise some questions as follows;

Is there any disparity of payment between males and some female actors in Kannywood?
Does the mode of payment for movie acting depends on scene by scene or how is it?
How much does it cost to pay an actor or actress for a high budget movie in Kannywood?
Why before blinking of eye stardom of some industries beautiful actresses than their experienced counterparts in Kannywood, do they have another trade apart from acting?
What’s the truth of alleged exploitation in the industry as alleged by Ali Artwork?
As alleged by Sarkin waka, there is copulation for a role in Kannywood. What’s the truth of the allegations?

Whatever the case may be, Ladin Chima popularly known as Tambaya sparked a debate that heated the polity Kannywood industry. It is either to clear their names or leave the allegations unattended.

But still, the question is why starlets achieved overnight stardom in Kannywood than their well-experienced counterparts.