Shaaban Sharada: Ready for the Job


By Rabiu Shamma

Working closely with Shaaban Ibrahim Sharada, Member House of Representatives representing Kano Municipal Federal constituency to implement his recent empowerment of over 20,000 households has strenthen my belief that he is the right choice to be Governor of Kano come 2023.

This massive empowerment was not a day’s job, it was the result of over 2 years of meticulous planning and strategy. The Member has demonstrated several qualities of leadership that impressed me, one of which is his dogged character, despite pressure from some people to distract him or rush what he intended to do, he continued to plan without any compromise, this has demonstrated how dogged he is in character and belief in his principles.

Another quality I have observed which is a good quality for leaders all over the world is Communication, he is open and explain many of his decisions, that was what came to fore when some close associates where selected to go for Umrah and other people to get Cars, he summoned the group and explained the rationale behind that, the group discussed it openly with him and that made the decision simple and everyone feeling satisfied.

His attention to detail is also marvelous, despite the over 20,000 households and individuals, he virtually knows every detail of the empowerment on his hand, he knows every category of people responsible for every assignment and holds them to task should anything goes awry.

Fourty Eight hours to the main empowerment event he was always at the Polo Ground ensuring that everything goes according to plan, he slept there, in fact some of us ran away during the nights to leave him as we could not just keep track of his marvelous energy and commitment, he has a hands on style of leadership that does not allow for any nonchalant attitude as he practically leads from the front.

The empowerment has also shown him to be a man of initiative, most of the skills and tools given were 21st century skills that will give our young people an edge to compete in the area of digital literacy, entrepreneurship and technology.

Another sterling quality I have observed is his readiness to learn and improve, I noticed previously that this was someone with a high IQ that does not take notes, he simply recalls things offhand, so I was impressed when I saw that he started taking notes and now have a diary of his daily plans and schedules, this is common with all successful leaders.

I have in summary seen the complete 21 Qualities of Leadership and more in Sharada as outlined by John Maxwell, they include his genorisity, focus, passion, positive attitude, problem solving, self discipline and more.

I have indeed seen a governorship material that Kano needs in order to be free from the shackles of corruption, underdevelopment, squalor, and nepotism. We really need someone with Sharada’s energy, focus and vision.

May Allah help us deliver, amin!

Shamma, wrote in from Kano.

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