Otu sets performance parameters for cabinet


Governor Bassey Otu has tasked members of the State Executive Council (SEC) to brace up for optimal performance to justify their appointments.

The Governor gave the charge at the first Executive Council Meeting for 2024 held at the Council of Chiefs Chamber, Calabar on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

“With the successful ending of 2023, and our entrance into 2024, it behoves on us all to sit up to our responsibilities and increase the happiness of those whose destinies have been placed on us to govern,” the Governor said at the SEC.

Governor Otu disclosed that, “10 sectoral clusters have been identified through which all MDAs shall be grouped to collaborate in developing their Action Plans for speedy and impactful results. This approach is highly necessary to ensure that cluster members learn from each other, utilize their time and energy in place of inactivity and unproductive pursuits, and above all, benefit from the expected policy and project peer review which emanates therefrom.”

In the clusters, he said, “every MDA is expected to draw up a proper Action Plan indicating goals, activities and timelines through a series of periodic meetings with its management. At Cluster meetings, comprising several MDA’s, these will be strengthened through collaborative scrutiny until perfection is attained.

“Thereafter, clusters will be meeting periodically as well, where every MDA will be expected to report on its achievements to the hearing of all. At the end of every quarter, performance evaluation will be carried out and a ranking order made public.”
The Governor stated that the system will keep the entire government machinery in full and guided activity as well as enable him wherever and whenever have a full grasp of cabinet members and MDA’s performance.

Council was informed by the Governor of his result-oriented attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.