Harira’s Life matters


The gruesome killing of Harira Jibrin, a 32 year Old woman, who is 9 months Pregnant and her four Kids – Fatima 9, Khadija 7, Hadiza 5 and Zaituna 2 in Anambra state by suspected members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), remains condemnable, barbaric, animalistic and inhuman.

I shed tears when I watched the video of the heinous act, because the act seems to be animalistic. In my religion, which is Islam, it is prohibited kill Women or Children even during war, because they are vulnerable in the Society. 

I read on a national daily, where the deceased’s husband, Jibrin Ahmed was quoted as saying “I’m now left with nobody; they have wiped out my entire family. I am so worried and in trauma. My hope is to take the corpses to Ganye Local Government Area in Adamawa State and bury them because the cemetery the Arewa community is using here is already filled.

“But we have now decided to bury them in Awka because the mortuary attendant did not treat the corpses, no preservation measure was done; hence we cannot travel with the corpses as they have already started decomposing. We have no other option than to take them to Awka and bury them there.”

After reading this, I asked myself; what was the offense Harira and her kids to deserve this treatment, by killing them in front of everyone and leave thier corpses bloodsheded on the street? did Harira abuse anyone? Or did she make blasphemous statement against any religion? Where are our elites, politicians, Human Rights Activists the Oby Ezekwesil, the Atiku’s, Gumi’s, Aishatou Yousufu among others, we are still waiting for you to condemn the act, as you normally do whenever something like this happen.

I wonder why those People who shouted over the murder of Deborah Samuel, who blasphemed our beloved Prophet Muhammad S. A. W recently, keep mute. Are they not in the country? It is sad that they suddenly lost their voices, when it concerned Harira and her four Kids, who were killed, because they are Northerners.  

Why would Federal government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, not treat IPOB terrorists in the language they will understand, like the way bandits and Boko Haram are being treated?

We are tired of seeing statement of Condemnation from the federal government.

We want government to take drastic action by bringing out those behind the killings the Harira, her kids and other innocent northerners in the Southern part of the country, to face the law. 

Also, I want the Government of Anambra state to fully compensate Malam Jibrin Ahmed in order to have a sense of belonging, inview of the situation he finds himself not just that chicken change of 500,000 naira. 

We want in peace to reign in all parts of our dear country. We also demand justice for Harira and her Kid as well as all Northerners killed by IPOB terrorists. 




Sani Adamu Hassan, Bauchi, can also be reached Via Adamusanihassan4@gmail.com