Emergency management Vanguards have sensitizated public on flooding in Maiduguri.


Being that the National Youth Service Corps established different community development service groups all over the nation to serve as supporting units to their mother organizations in order to promote national development, The National Emergency Management Agency Vanguards of the NYSC Borno state makes community to feel the impact of the NYSC scheme for the services they render to their host communities.

Though the group has a lot of achievements before, but unlike since when Mr. Muhammad Adamu Maunde became the group’s coordinator months ago as he connected the group with different government MDAs, NGOs and private individuals which they collaborate to achieve the aim of promoting community development.

The recent involvement of the group in the distribution of relief materials and last week’s on zero emission campaign makes the group to start shining among other groups and today the the group greets the people of Maiduguri with the sensitization campaign of how to control the ravaging disaster of flooding.

The members of the group converged at Federal Secretariat, Maiduguri and moved to GSM village Maiduguri containing banners and hand bills which contains the messages of measures of controlling flood, the attention of public was attracted by the services of Bang CDS group which they used drum to supply melodios musics that made the event enjoyable and interesting.

As the group arrived the market, the marketers and pedestrians gathered to listen to the messages of the group which the speakers preached against; building on water ways, unnecessary dumping of wastes, deforestation among others and later the corps members entered the market and did the campaign including distribution of sticker.

The group was in company of NEMA staffs, Nigerian police force, Borno Traffic Management agency, fire service staffs and Representatives of media houses from BARTV, Al-ansar Radio and the Dailytrust.

The Nema officials also gave a brief message to the gathering on major causes of flooding and its preventive measures.

At the end of the exercise, the CDS media team interviewed some of the Market people, pedestrians and those who were there to buy or make one or two transactions who revealed how excited they were for receiving such lectures and sensitization on a current disaster of flooding which because of this year’s heavy rainfalls coupled with lack of adherence to environmental safety policies by members of the communities makes even some of the participants victims of it and at the end of the interview, there was a great smile in the faces of both the Corps members and the people of the host Community.

Zaharaddeen Muhammad Azare a corps member writes from Maiduguri