Egyptian Army plants 1.6 Million Date Palm

  • Egypt overtakes Saudi becomes World Largest producer of Date Palm

Egypt has the pride and distinction of being the world’s top producer of dates, contributing approximately 1.8 million tonnes annually, which accounts for 19% of the global production and 24% of the Middle Eastern production.

The Egyptian army has finished planting 1.6 million palms in the “Toushki” farm out of the 2.5 million palms scheduled to be planted on the new farm on an area of approximately 40,000 acres.

As well as the previous period, the season of dates harvest on the farm has started, with 18 new varieties planted for the first time in Egypt. Out of 33 varieties of high economic value, their seedlings were brought from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the United States, on the head of “Sultana, Namishi, Saqai, Zambley Khadri, Abu Maan, Safawi and Khlas”, alongside “Al-Barhi, Sugar and Magdoul”.

The farm is set to launch and offer rare species seedlings in the local market in preparation for export to Arab and African markets starting in 2025.

As a follow-up to new agricultural projects, an industrial zone is being implemented for farm service, embracing factories for filling and packaging dates, production of millet and date derivatives to maximize their value, unlike the first factory in Egypt and the Middle East to convert palm jars and farm waste to MDF timber, a card of 400 m3 per day in cooperation with the German Dafenbacher Company and production manufacturer The adhesive material is 80 tons per day in cooperation with the German company Viser.

It is noteworthy that the farm has received a Guinness World Records certification as the largest palm farm in the world.

According to data from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, Egypt is the world’s biggest producer of dates, having grown around 1.73 million tonnes of the tropical fruit in 2022 alone. Saudi Arabia comes in second place with 1.61 million tonnes of dates, followed by Alg