Democracy day: The ineffectiveness of the Nigerian democracy


The word democracy being a Greek word which means “common people’s strength” which means a system of government of, by and for the people.

As recently stated by President Muhammad Buhari in his yesterday’s democracy address “that democracy is about will of majority” and the educational status of these majority determines the political situation of the democratic practising state, ignorant majority citizens make bad leadership choice and decisions and educated ones make good choices and decisions. Effective utilisation of democracy and the level of quality of education of citizens are inseparable.

There are a lot of barriers to efficient utilisation of democracy to achieve national development, one of them is popular education.

Most of the problems we face in Nigeria as a country are as a result of lack of quality education; religious extremism, inability to elect those that are deserve for the leadership of the country, insecurity, lack of unity, intolerance, and so on which have direct relationship with our level of education.

For Nigerian democracy to be able to achieve what it targets to achieve mass quality education has to be ensured so that guided citizens make good choices.

Written by
Zaharaddeen Muhammad Azare
From Maiduguri, Borno state
13th June, 2022