Democracy and Interest: Where Do You Belong? (I)

AbdulRahman Agboola

By AbdulRahman Agboola

The major import of democracy is for people to foster solidarity in protection of their common interests for societal good, especially in protection of the rights, privileges and interest of the common man. Interest could be positive when rightly managed but when poorly managed, it becomes bad.

It’s now difficult to even differentiate between good and bad Interest again in Nigeria, common sense and democracy can be at loggerheads, Interest: whether genuine, parochial or ill- conceived are fast replacing good interest. People with well intended actions no longer have the free space to guide the government rightly, bad intended people mostly surround the official circles, yet, low in population when compared with the bad intended ones amongst the government opposition, that’s why it’s easy to shut the voices of people within the Corridors Of Power, that’s Democracy for you, wrong can be right as long as it pleases the people, but to turn illogical rantings to rights, that should be confronted.

Nigeria is not a cursed Identity, the prosperity of Nigeria is always evergreen, whether at good or bad economic era. Across the whole world, I doubt if there’s any Country whose citizens curse themselves like Nigeria. Yet, we want prosperity to multiply.

In the name of spirituality, prayers against people regarded as enemies, toll the line of death wishes, regularly placed before the Almighty God as prayers request in most Worship Centres, as if the Almighty God is an assassin, others simply claim certain authorities and declare curses on their enemies.

I recalled in the past, a pious and virtuous person prayed at a function that may God accept our prayers on the account of his good actions of not doing evil to people and always happy with the success of others, I then asked immediately if the person usually recite certain verses against enemies or pray for evil to befall his enemies and the person responded in the affirmative, I then asked if those people called enemies are not some people’s children, can’t you pray for victory rather than wishing your enemies death? I declared that we are all sinners that can’t be certain to be proud of all actions as perfect to the extent of using them as yardsticks before God to accept our prayer request, and I still stands to be corrected on this.

The person, who buys an item at a reasonable cost and place a double amount to another buyer, is cursing the handlers of the economy for inflicting pains on the masses. It’s not wrong but the prayer may not be answered, God’s punishment on Evil Doers can take time, but it always happens on the merit of the consequences of their actions. The price of dollar is circulated now as reason for inflation of all materials in the markets, this must be very true, since the price of PMS directly affects every businesses, even all farm produce taken to markets, how can this be untrue? With the vast population of people oppressing themselves through artificial hikes of products and services, we are really blessed as a people, ride on populace!! Always shifting the blames of government alone, after all, all the Prisons are empty without occupants!!!!

The masses are good people who care about themselves, they don’t in any way cause pains to themselves, they all see themselves as their brother’s keeper. The masses are very perfect people who coordinate themselves in just manners from families to neighborhoods, from communities to towns. Can these really be ironically mentioned? I doubt it

The armed robbers, the thieves, the rapists, the terrorists, the bandits, the human traffickers, the drug pushers, the producers of fake drugs and adulterated drinks, the fraudster, the cultists, the ritualists, the blackmailers, peddlers of fake news, the corrupt civil servants, the operators/ customers of Miracle Examination Centers, the forgery experts, the louts and pickpockets, they are not Nigerians? only the political office holders & elites are Nigerians, what a statement of fact!!!!!?¿?

How can people, with wrong application of the power of the tongue wish for a better life? How? Any little thing, it’s a curse, Any other little thing, is another curse, yet, the curses have only increased numbers of ill people among the populace, are people cursed with curses? I usually think only righteous people can activate the potency of curses through the permission of the Almighty God on people who are promoting evils on the land?

All I see regularly are people with unrighteous antecedents, I mean people who have been propellers of Evils of different kinds leading curse processions against others. People who belonged to cult groups years back as students and during the period, members of rival cult groups got killed by their groups and never renounced their membership, people who belonged to traditional cult groups and organizations that perpetrate different evils, people who are land grabbers, people who sell fake products, people who dupe others at will, people who give fraudulent awards to unmerited people for monetary gains, and many more, for the first time in my adult life, this got .e depressed today and I need to ask, the fact that we had and still have a Government in Nigeria that is unable to put all these people where they truly belonged now conferred on them the right to hurl Insults, cyber bully and frontal intimidation of people who support the present administration and be cursing them regularly with their cursed mouths? Praise The Lord!!!

If you are a genuine supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, know this and have rest of mind, you didn’t support a wrong personality. For time immemorial, the categories of bad elements mentioned above have found themselves frontal spaces in the security agencies, civil service and agencies, political appointments & elected offices, they are the saboteurs and sponsored agents fuelling crisis of different kinds to expand their dubious business grounds.

They have already gained sympathy among innocent Nigerians, especially the downtrodden, because they have collaborations, they already infested the religious people with wrong orientation currently heating up the polity. They want the entire populace to ignore the realities of world economic crises, they want everyone to believe Nigeria is the worst Country across the globe, they want you to hate your government, so that they can take over the affairs and spell the doom for all.

How can they be so United in their hatred for the President to the extent of cursing whosoever is supporting the administration? When the administration started, it started on good footings and performed very well on so many fronts, the same government anchored well meaning social Intervention programmes that benefitted good percentage among the populace and gained traction in developmental strides, the Battle against bandits & terrorists was on the verge of victory, but suddenly the security agencies became burdened and currently losing the war.

Service Chiefs were replaced and the situation went from bad to the worse, with the recent bad situations and the red alerts, the Government must brace up and wind up on excellent footings, as it started in 2015. One has to accept that bad situations can’t be painted otherwise, the security situations are bad beyond words, but that doesn’t invalidate the fact that the Nigeria Security & Civil Defense Corps and the Directorate Of State Security Services are not currently covering up for the obvious sabotages reflecting in the way and manner that the agencies directly involved in the fight against banditry and terrorism are handling the affairs, behaving as if there won’t be an account by individuals before their Creator.

“No evil deed will go unpunished; any evil done by man to man will be redressed; if not now then certainly later; if not by man, then by God for the victory of evil over good is temporary’ – Dele Giwa (1947-1986)”

I’m always guided by the above philosophy, it tallied with my Religious Faith Order. If you share this philosophy, join me in picking up the courage to wither this storm with President Muhammadu Buhari, we can defeat these Evil Plotters against the Government, we can defeat the planners, sponsors, enablers and executors of kidnapping, banditry & terrorism. We can defeat the economic saboteurs and other evil merchants across the Country.

O Allah, nothing happens without your knowledge, you know that some people’s hearts & souls would be gained by the accursed Shaytan(Devil) and they would in turn create torment against innocent people on the land, because of that, you assured the faithful ones that they will be victorious against those who wish to cause disorderliness in the World.

O Allah, the One who humiliated all those who enabled and propelled evils against the righteous in the past, by your supreme authority and your name Al-Muzilu, help us humiliate whosoever among the people appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari to undertake responsibilities of taming crimes & those assigned to coordinate economic development and public good, but commiting acts of sabotages,one way or the other, also among the security personnel, whosoever is conniving with kidnappers among them, O Allah, we plead with you to humiliate them. 

O Allah, as you help your Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and his armies to defeat the enemies of Islam, we beseech you by the honour of Prophet Muhammad SAW and the authority of your name Al-Ghalibu, help President Muhammadu Buhari and his loyalists to defeat all the enemies of Nigeria, because you are the One who installed him as the President of Nigeria.

To all those who keep insulting those supporting the President, dip your finger into your anus and smell it, or smell your armpit after a strenuous day, we will keep supporting him and his administration will be victorious at all fronts given you the undue opportunity to behave as such. To those who have never seen anything good in President Buhari, his touch on infrastructural development in your State will attest to his well intended actions.

To all the appointees of President Muhammadu Buhari who are underperforming their duties, may Allah not forgive you for failing the President except you change your ways henceforth, don’t forget the categories of people mentioned in the Holy Quran that will not receive forgiveness except they repent and amend their ways, if you belong to the categories, you are on your own.

May Goodness Never Desert The Well Behaved Among All Citizens Of Nigeria. 

May Buhari Succeed In Sha Allah.

Fasayakunu Lahum Moqodi Yesununa Bina Siran Wajaran Bi Bismillahi Ar-Rahma