ASUU: Egoistic Union Deceiving Public in the name of Students’ Welfarism


By Patience Gaius

I wish to start by adding the benefit of my time as a student of knowledge. I write this piece to expose the realities of Academics in Nigeria as a student. Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has ignorantly became the enemy of the Nigeria as a State. Why and How? You may ask!.Permit me to begin with the answer  “the why”. ASUU pride herself as being the most educated, knowledgeable and intelligent set of Nigerians. This, obviously, is not true.

The reason why is that ASUU ignorantly persecutes Nigerians especially students whom are lost in the ecstasy against the Nigerian state. They have abdicated their role of clamouring for members’ welfare and have constituted themselves into a quasi-political party and self-made opposition to any government in power.

I pity FGN because ASUU will recommend to FGN through NUC that all is well and, in most cases, excellent and the same ASUU is fighting FGN through the Presidency and Labour ministry that everything is in total collapse. Many might be wondering who then is the problem, FGN or ASUU?

Have we heard ASUU complained to NUC about resource verification or accreditation instruments or exercises? It is obvious that the answer is capital No! Does NUC (FGN) report and enforce ASUU’s findings and recommendations on which university or its programme should be sustained? Yes!. Who made strike part of our university calendar? one would say it without long thought as the answer is ASUU!

Who prepares the university for accreditation or resource verification? ASUU!. Who are the phoney resource persons particularly in private universities? ASUU members. Who conducts the accreditation or resource verification? ASUU!. Who affirms that our universities and its programmes are particularly in good form? ASUU!. Who awards the degrees? ASUU members! Who are boldly saying that our university system is dilapidated and substandard? still is ASUU!

The industrial action by ASUU has left majority of its members in uncertainties as renumerations are not been paid by FG; thereby making those that relied on it alone suffer for months. Currently, some lecturers have started hot exchange of words to the unmannered comment by ASUU President, some boldly refuted their allegiance to the union entirely.  Furthermore, due to the strike many have died while uncountable number of others are struggling with life, sad part of it was that no guarantee of paying them their loses after the industrial action.

My Nigerian universities, your midwife has become your murderer, prosecutor, advocate and judge. ASUU why?. Who therefore is the clog in the wheel of progress of Academics in Nigeria. The resource verification and the regular accreditation instruments and implementation procedures are second to none in the globe. I affirm that NUC make use of ASUU members to perform virtually all their task of maintaining standards in the Nigerian Universities. Oh! I may be accused of NUC sponsorship. I finally want the general public to be our judge by putting ASUU and FG on the scale in order to see who is at fault. FG is willing to cooperate but insatiable demands forwarded by ASUU are the obstacle delaying resolving issues, it is true that there is no way to get back all powder thats spread in the mud; therefore, let them consider the receiving end (students) and suspend the strike. My apologies, NUC.

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