The Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) has commenced its Internal Security Study Tour (ISST) to Operation WHIRL PUNCH in Kaduna and Operation SAFE HAVEN in Plateau States, marking a significant stride in strengthening the nation’s security framework. Scheduled from 25 to 28 March 2024, the tour with the theme “Comprehensive Approach to Security as an Imperative for Addressing Multi-Dimensional Security Threats for Enhanced National Security” aims to deepen the understanding of comprehensive security strategies which is critical for enhancing national stability. The ISST is a key component of the Interagency Corporation and Coordination in Military Operations Module and constitutes an important aspect of the College curriculum.

During the tour, participants will not only witness the operational dynamics of internal security measures but also engage with the multifaceted challenges inherent in joint and interagency operations. By directly engaging in field activities, they will be able to confront the complexities of coordinating efforts across different branches of the military as well as with various civil authorities. This immersive experience is poised to equip them with practical insights and strategies for addressing contemporary security threats, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the intricate balance required to safeguard national interests effectively.

At the helm of this significant tour, is the Commandant of AWCN Major General Ishaya Maina, who assumes the role of Exercise Director, overseeing the meticulous execution of the Tour. Brigadier General Aminu Umar, the Deputy Commandant and Director of Studies, will lead Team 1, while Team 2 will be under the leadership of Brigadier General MO Edide, the Director War and Strategy, all ensuring that every aspect of the tour aligns with the educational objectives set forth by the College.

Apart from the 75 Military participants, the tour encompasses 42 participants from key Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) within Nigeria. Among these are members of the Nigeria Police, alongside representatives from the Nigeria Customs Service, Nigeria Immigration Service, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps.

As the ISST unfolds, it represents not only a critical educational endeavor but also a testament to the commitment of the AWCN and the Chief of Army Staff towards safeguarding national security through knowledge, cooperation, and preparedness. With the collective expertise of participants from diverse military and civilian backgrounds, the tour is poised to yield invaluable insights and foster enduring partnerships as well as articulating measures in confronting the evolving security challenges.