An appeal to NBAIS


It is high time the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) introduced the history of Sokoto Caliphate in Western Sudan in the school curriculum. 

This will enable the present and future generations to know their historical background and the background of the founding fathers of Sokoto Caliphate and their contributions towards the development of Islam, economic and political aspects of the land such as publications and artifacts on Islamic literature and events.

To give you an idea, in Turkey, all the universities offer a course called Turkish History in which all the students, irrespective of their countries of origin, must take the course as compulsory in order to learn the history of the founding fathers of modern Turkey in level one.

There is condition in the universities that if a student should fails this course then the student will not be able to graduate.

My advice to you is that you should put this subject into curriculum of Nigerian education system, because without history you cannot know about the past important events.

Bello Shehu Shuni