Zulum employs 15 PWDs, directs review of blind schools


Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, has approved the employment of 15 people with disability who have undergone formal educational system and obtained bachelor’s degree certificates, NCEs, diplomas and vocational training certificates.

The employment takes effect from 1st may 2024.

The Governor commended their efforts for not being lazy and despite their disability decided to pursue education.

He directed commissioner of education Lawan Abba Wakilbe to review activities of all the blind schools in Borno State in order to train more people with disability.

Zulum also ordered the Ministry of Education to work out modalities for introducing the teaching of special education courses at the College of Education Bama.

Borno State Branch Chairman Nigerian Association of the Blind, Mohammed Mustapha, expressed gratitude to Governor Zulum for approving employment for his members.