YOSPIS Calls on Gov Abba to Fulfill Promise to Repentant Thugs


In observance of World International NGO Day, the Youth Society for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Social Vices (YOSPIS), in collaboration with the Kano Network of NGOs (KANET), held a press briefing.

During the briefing, Zainab Nasir Ahmad, the Executive Director of YOSPIS, along with other concerned civil society organizations, expressed deep concern about the current economic hardship in the country.

The economic challenges in Nigeria have persisted due to factors such as political instability, corruption, inadequate infrastructure, and reliance on oil revenue.

Zainab highlighted that last year, YOSPIS, in partnership with AMG Foundation and the Kano State Police Command, empowered over 200 repentant youth in Kano State. Some received support for Police Constabulary work and Fire safety training.

However, YOSPIS is now calling on the Kano State government to fulfill its promise of empowering the repentant thugs with skills and education, making them productive members of society.

“Failure to do so could lead to a return to their past lives, posing a threat to peace and security in the state” She stated.

Additionally, the organization urges government authorities to implement social safety nets, job creations, fiscal stimulus, price stability, transparency, and accountability to address the economic challenges faced by citizens.