By Mukhtar Garba Kobi

It is a known fact that some people are naturally gifted, they do things in few hours that others spend days trying, when one is privileged to interact with them, he or she would be flabbergasted by their unquantifiable experiences. Majority of talented ones have gone through hardships but that never prevent them from actualizing their dreams. Some people find solace in criticizing and discriminating people living with disabilities, such persons deserve to be chased-away from public eyes because sensible and responsible human beings respect others no matter how they are. One obvious fact is that most of those having disabilities are endowed with one or more gifts, some of them are inventors, scientists, book authors, presenters in media while others are excellent writers that inspire, teach and remind millions of people daily through the power of pens.

Intelligent Usman Abdullahi Koli needs no introduction because his name has gone beyond our shores, he is an extraordinary writer, skilled radio presenter, political analyst, social media influencer, newspaper columnist and to mention but a few. Usman’s kind gestures are immeasurable, he prefers to write on challenges bedeviling different communities and risk his life than to be quite which might leave people in such areas continue dwindling in difficulties. Parents of Usman Abdullahi Koli hailed from Ningi LGA of Bauchi State but he was born and brought-up in the metropolis, still, he often times visits his relatives in villages which is why they always respect and cherish him like gold. Usman is a nice person to relate with because he hate being idle, he usually cracks jokes and writes short stories in leisure times.

It is part of old traditions in Hausa lands that children start educational struggles by seeking religious knowledge first before delving for western one, young Usman started in similar way. He was admitted into Bakari Dukku where he gained primary school certificate at tender age, from there he moved to Dutse Model Secondary School in Jigawa State where he did his junior secondary while completed the rest at Ojones Prince and Princes Royal Academy in Bauchi. It is true that an antelope never run while its baby crawl, Usman’s father was a famous civil servant and media man whose write-ups always appears on papers, whereas his analysis are frequently heard in radio or seen on television especially those that involve public affairs; Usman was motivated by that which was the rationale behind the course he studied.

Usman proceeded to Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic where he obtained National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in mass communication all from the same institution. Despite Usman’s impairment in hand, everyone that interacted with him would say that he is industrious, talented and never let the task of today reach tomorrow except due to sickness. From childhood up to the present moment, Usman’s had suffered and still encountering stigmatization from people just because of his disability in right hand, there was a time he presented his hand to shake with one politician in Kano; he received an unforgettable hateful words in return just because of his impaired hand. People that discriminate him tend to forget that nobody escape what God destined to happen, same goes to him because he was born like that.

Confidence to speak during public gatherings, offering financial or materials assistance to those in needs and sympathetic nature to disabled individuals are few amongst numerous qualities that could be attributed to the generous Usman Koli. Many fondly call him ‘Shugaban Fafutuka’ meaning ‘leader of struggles’ because he is energetic that never believe in sycophancy, he grew up lacking nothing from home but has chosen to be out and fend for himself even at young age. Usman’s leadership started back from primary school where he served as Headboy, later as Labour Prefect during senior secondary school years. When he was in tertiary institution which was ATAP, Koli held the positions of Auditor General and later Secretary General all of the Mass Communication Students Association (MACOSA).

As a writer, Usman Koli has in his name over 150 articles on different topics that were published by popular national dailies including some famous leading online platforms. Usman has attended several conferences within and outside Bauchi State, served as media aide to top politicians, Press Secretary to former NUBASS national President, acted as one of the judges in many essay writing competitions, trained limitless number of mass communication students from different institutions and successfully linked them with re-known newspapers. Usman is a certified journalist currently working with Albarka Radio Bauchi, Martaba FM and Baushe DailyTimes, he is the Managing Director of Farar Tafiya newspaper that is publishing fortnightly.

In conclusion, Usman Abdullahi Koli is a proficient script writer who writes with passion, professional sound editor as well as media presenter who excellently presents varieties of programs ranging from political, business, news and many more. Dynamism and professionalism of Usman Koli has attracted many awards to him and traditional titles, he received an award first as ‘Best Writer of the Present Time’ by Kano State Polytechnic, countless more from ATAP, ATBU and other institutions. In the aspect of traditional titles, he was turbaned as the ‘Wakilin Dan Amar din Ningi’, ‘Majidadin Masun Dass’, ‘Magatakardar Aminu Alan Waka’S, ‘Shalelen Nasaru’, ‘Majidadin Mukaddam of Misau’ and many more are on the way.

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