Only 1 in 10 Nigerians are happy with state of affairs under PMB – Report


Only one in ten Nigerians are happy with the current state of affairs in Nigeria, under President Muhammadu Buhari, a new survey by Africa Polling Institute (API) has found.

The result of the survey showed that as of January, about 78 per cent of the citizens were not happy with the country’s state of affairs; with almost half of that saying they felt extremely sad. about the state of the country.

The remaining 14 per cent of the citizens said they were indifferent to the state of affairs in the country.

API, an independent research think-tank, said the survey was conducted to elicit citizens’ perception and attitudes on topical issues and trends covering a potpourri of social, economic, political, governance and public-life issues.

The API report also said 34 per cent of Nigerians noted the inability to meet basic needs as part of their challenges. This may not be unconnected to the present economic realities in the country.