Northwest Doesn’t Deserve Such Shabby Treatment From Buhari Administration, By Abdulrahman Yunusa

President Buhari

The bloody bandits are always daring and challenging this govt with an exasperating attacks that often exacerbate the ungodly situation in the said location – Yet the govt is seemingly aimless and powerless by it action to tame the events.

The fact that people of Northwest supported this govt wholheartedly with their lives as a whole Is no longer a conflicting fact and it goes beyond the  border of doubt and falsely claim because its obvious to all and figures are there recorded to back this up. For that reason, its enough to tell they never deserve such worthless and I don’t care attitude from them.

But contrary to the law the reciprocasy in kindness and other sensitive gesture, Today Northwest axis is fast becoming a blood pond where thousands of people are being maimed, insecurity is looming large in the horizon, ungoverned areas are increasing day by day and most disgustingly the state anarchy is dominating the space all under the watch of her who they loved dearly. Does this sound plausible ?

Sadly, the most annoying part of the scenario is that, the govt often blabber about using force to crush the merchants of doom who are terrorizing the weaker communities but yet all the plans end on paper as Hajiya Naja’atu aptly state in one of her Hausa interview ” Duk Tsaron a Jarida yake, karya ne, wasan koikoyo ne ” or even if they tend to mobilize the security agencies in respect to the matter they often do it haphazardly unlike when it comes to any issue that has a direct impact with their political whims.

Taking the most terrible issue as this lightly is the reason for it escalation to this sorry stage. Could you imagine at the initial state, the govt acted as if things were going well until the moment when the kinsmen of the C in C become the target of the imbeciles for they have took the terror to his doorstep.

To say the least, aside Zamfara and Sokoto, Katsina is now the most attacked zone by the bandits and the most no go area. Where it should be more secured even if the whole country would be on fire. But only if the situation is prevailing under a rational administration that by now it could be another issue we are discussing but not this one.

However, if people move to render their grievances and channel their complaints over the gory scenes to the right channel, the minions of the sainty claimed president used to castigate, indict and falsely accuse people of playing politics with security. Whatever is said against their person they can afford going hellbent in search of an excuse be it rational or irrational just to defend him against his colossal failure.

Albeit, Had it been they are thinking straight, they could have been in the better position to tell him the truth about the state of country for when he leaves the office the credit of achieving good would definitely be attributed to his person and when things go awry or otherwise it would be attributed to his person too.

So It’s high time his close allies cajole him to do the best for this country. His tenure is at eve of elapsing. For that sake He should therefore move to work prudently towards ensuring a better secure environment for the men who trusted him with their respective mandates twice through electoral process.

It’s yet to be late and it better to be late than never. Mr President should please do all his possibility to resuscitate the people or that particular axis and indeed all other areas experiencing such kind of Nightmares in the country.

Else he will go soon and would be remembered as the worst president Nigeria has ever had.

May Nigeria succeed

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a political and social affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and could be reached through

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