Nigeria Customs Service Honors Officers for Outstanding Achievements


The Nigeria Customs Service has recognised 2 Officers, Deputy Comptroller Mohammed Shaibu and Chief Superintendent of Customs Akpevwe Ogboru, for exceptional performances in their respective roles.

Speaking at the event on Wednesday, 20 March 2024, at the Customs Training College, Ikeja, Lagos, the Zonal Coordinator, Zone A, ACG Hammi Swomen, highlighted that the gesture is geared towards dedication and commitment of both officers who decided to put the NCS on the world map and efficiency, in the discharge of duties.

The Zonal Coordinator described DC Shaibu as a proficient and professional officer to the core, stating that his ability and capacity are desirable.

He also maintained that CSC Ogboru is a positive role model to the service, having traveled to 12 African Countries on a Motorcycle.

“She has projected the service very well far and wide in so many ways, just as I keep saying that there’s a way we all can project this service to the world in our little way.

“In a show of support for her remarkable achievement, the service management presented CSC Ogboru with the latest version of the BMW F 850 GS bike. This gesture not only acknowledges her exceptional riding skills but also serves as a token of encouragement for future endeavours,” he stated.

He reiterated that the service had provided a platform for all men and officers to explore their respective roles and positions, as well as encouraging them to double their efforts for the service to achieve its core mandate.

ACG Swomen further cautioned men and officers on the misuse of social media, stating that “the misuse of social media among men and officers should be avoided. There are some restricted documents that are not meant to be flying on social media. I’m sounding a note of warning for us to be careful about what we put outside as uniform men.”

While presenting the brand new bike to CSC Ogboru, the Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration, in charge of Zone A, Ikeja, Adewale Sadiq, described the event as a morale booster, emphasising that it’s one thing for someone to be working and another thing for the same person to be recognised.

He said, “To whom much is given, much is expected. Everything is not about promotion; recognition is an important virtue in this job. Many of us are children of nobody, and by providence, we are somebody today because of the opportunity to serve.”

Comptroller Caroline Ayo and Hussein Ejibunu expressed their goodwill and encouraged both officers to remain steadfast in their commitment to duty.

The Commandant of the Nigeria Customs Service Training College, Ikeja, Deputy Comptroller Haniel Hadison, who doubled as the host of the ceremony, expressed gratitude to the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, for his magnanimity and opportunity given to the college to host the occasion.

“We are happy; this is the first time that such a gift would be given to hardworking officers who are dedicated to the service, and we are delighted that such is happening in our time,” he stated.

He emphasised that Ogboru has inspired the training of the girl child, showcasing that with commitment and dedication, success is achievable.

Both awardees expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Comptroller-General General of Customs for being recognised and acknowledged for their hard work and dedication.