Lessons from 2022 world cup


By Bilyaminu Gambo

The most colourful 2022 World Cup which was organized by Qatar ended on the 18th of December, 2022 with Argentina clinching the trophy 🏆. Indeed countries like Qatar, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Argentina presented shocking lessons.
Firstly, Qatar – The Host, despite all the pressures from the western world, adhered to her values, and culture. The Asian country also hit the media when she crowned Lionel Messi with a cloak which is a religious and cultural identity.
Qatar taught us that we must respect our identity and be bold enough in taking a stand no matter the degree of pressure.
On the other hand, Morocco from Africa broke the jinx of being the only African country to reach the semi-finals. Morocco also forced coaches and managers from Spain, Brazil, and Portugal to retire. The lesson is that your background will not hinder you from achieving your goals. With prayers, hard work, commitment, and dedication, you can raise high and be the pride of your country or continent. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF ANYONE!
Another lesson related to Morocco’s success was Saudi Arabia beating Argentina 2-1. However, the game demonstrated the adage “He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best.” Argentina was mocked and ridiculed following her defeat by Saudi Arabia at the group stages. But the lion roared back and won the historic World Cup. The last time Argentina won World Cup was a year before Lionel Messi was born.
In this life, it is not how well you start but how well you end. Don’t be distracted or demoralized by your current situation as it may be cooking you for the best in the future. Also, if someone is undergoing difficulties, do not laugh at him as God may decide to change things within seconds.

Bilyaminu Gambo Kong-kol writes from Bayero University, Kano