Kano Governor rescues late Ado Bayero’s daughter atfer eviction notice from Lagos apartment


Settles rent bill for the Kano Princess and her aged mother at Morning Side Suits in Victoria Island.

The Governor of Kano state Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf has again extended his humanitarian gesture to the dauther of late Emir of Kano Zainab Jummai Ado Bayero, her brother and her mother when he settled the rent bill of the Kano Prince and Princess few hours to the deadline of the eviction notice they were served by the apartment in Lagos.

The Governor’s spokesperson Mr. Sanusi Bature arrived Lagos in the early hours of Tuesday 25th June, 2024 to meet with the General Manager of the apartment where the Ado Bayero family have lived since early this year, Mr. Sunel Kumar, who vowed to evict them by 3pm today.

The governor’s intervention followed an out cry in the newspapers by Princess Zainab Bayero on behalf of her mother and brother who were neglected by the royal family after the death of late Ado Bayero.

Zainab, her brother and her mother have been facing difficult times since the demise of the late Emir of Kano Alhaji Ado Bayero due to the denial of their inheritance and being abondoned by the royal family.

Until May 23rd, 2024, Zainab’s half brothers Aminu Ado Bayero and Nasiru Ado Bayero were the emirs of Kano and Bichi emirates in Kano state.

Zainab Ado Bayero is a passionate documentary producer who recently worked on the personality profile and documentary of her late father, Ado Abdullahi Bayero.

Recieving the representative of Kano state Governor Sanusi Bature Dawakin Tofa in Lagos, Zainab and her mother deeply appreciated by the kind gesture of His Excellency Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf for his rescue that came at the right time.

“You came at the right time, we were about to be forcefully evicted from the facility for our inability to pay the rent, they said today is final, we must move out by 3:00 pm and you came just fifteen minutes to the time, they have already mobilised youths to remove us out of the apartment, Alhamdulillah for your arrival” Zainab stated.

On his own part, the representative of Kano state Governor Sanusi Bature Dawakin Tofa stated that the governor’s humanitarian intervention was due to the fact that many citizens of Kano feel that the matter did not portray the royal family and Kano in good light. “They are not only members of the Royal Family, they are our Muslim sisters and brother, currently in need, Bature stated.