By Usman Abdullahi Koli

There exist different professions through which people from all works of life delve into purposely to bring about developments, meaningful changes and also improve the overall quality of life. Many in the Health profession have gone through exasperating pains, endured the heat from scorching sun and coolest harmattan with the sole intention of looking after the Health of others irrespective of tribal, religious or regional differences. Dr Yusuf Bara Jibrin, the Chief Medical Director of ATBUTH Bauchi have unarguably distinguished himself among many health professionals as a proficient manager and visionary leader“.

The journey to building this great legacy requires all hands on deck, ATBUTH under the sterling leadership of Dr Yusuf Bara Jibrin is inspiring galaxies of greatness in terms of health care infrastructure and human development for generations to come, the sky is just the beginning.” “ATBUTH Business, Is everybody’s Business”this is the favourite phrase of the messiah when engaging with his staff, meaning, every staff has a responsibility to make the institution a better place, a facility they can be comfortable to bring themselves and loved ones when ill.

Dr Yusuf hails from Bara, Kirfi Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Born to the family of Late Alhaji Jibrin Bara, he was raised by His now late Uncle, Alhaji Adamu Bara. He began his early career education at Central Primary School Bara and Government Science Secondary School Gombe, he later proceeded to the prestigious University of Maiduguri where he obtained his MBBS in 1992. His desire for excellence pushed him further to enrol for his residency program at University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital from where he gained expertise in Internal Medicine with specialization in Infectious Diseases. In 2003 he became a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians. He was appointed in that same year as Consultant Physician of the then Federal Medical Center Gombe. For the love of his State and his people, he transferred his services to the Specialist Hospital Bauchi in 2009.

He was among the pioneer staff at the inception of ATBU Teaching Hospital and held many offices which includes; Head of Clinical Services and Chairman Medical Advisory Committee, acting Provost College of Medical Sciences, Dean Faculty of Clinical Science. He contributed immensely with researches on Cholera, HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis, viral Hepatitis and recently on Covid19, he authored over 44 articles and conference proceedings in local and international journals.
As a Chief Consultant Physician and Associate Professor of Medicine, with an outstanding track records in proficient leadership, research and academia, he was appointed CMD of ATBUTH in 2020. Ever since he has championed an unprecedented infrastructural growth and excellent work ethics in ATBUTH.

Dr. Yusuf Bara Jibrin has no doubt made giant strides and inedible efforts to ensure ATBUTH is set on a course to fulfil its mission in excellent Healthcare Service delivery, motivated and dedicated workforce, research and training. The glaring achievements cannot be overlooked, as they occur not by a fortunate stroke of serendipity, but by sheer determination and vision, verily we must project, appreciate and elevate our own, we intend to Blow our trumpet for a son of Bauchi State with passion, vigor and unwavering determination for success.

His achievements in these aspects are flawless. In terms of clinical services, ATBUTH can now boast of having one of the two molecular laboratories in the northeast for Lassa Fever testing, COVID19, and other molecular tests in aspect of clinical and academic research. Other milestones achieved is the Implementation of Electronic Medical Record to improve and ease clients accessibility and quality of care, ATBUTH oxygen plant with a massive capacity to supply the Hospital and the state at large, upgraded the Modular Theatre for specialized surgeries such as ENT, Neurosurgery and Endo-Urology to reduce the financial burden of referral, mitigate Local medical tourism, attract specialist to ATBUTH and boost economy among others.

In terms of staff training, the Chief Medical Director left no stone untouched by ensuring continuous progressive personnel development and capacity building. This is evident by establishment of Post basic Perioperative Nursing School, School of Community Health Officers (CHO), several accreditations for Residency Training from West African Colleges and National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. He created an enabling environment for research through the Molecular laboratory which can be accessed by Postgraduate students of various cadres, private bodies and Resident doctors. The hospital also provides grants for staff to encourage participation in research. The feat achieved with respect to Manpower Strengthening is monumental, with improved remuneration for all staff and sponsorship for training/workshops.

In recent times, Bauchi state has recorded a rapid population growth, with an average metro area population increase of 3.84%per annum from 2019 to 2022. The population was 598,000 in 2019 and 645,000 in 2022 (macrotrends.net), these changes are with concomitant health care implications as the burden of high level specialist care lies with the Teaching Hospital, in 2021 the Hospital admitted a total of 19,000 patients a 40% increase from 2020, to accommodate these changes massive capital projects are ongoing in the Hospital which includes constructions of O&G Complex, Medical Emergency Complex, construction of Family Medicine Complex, construction of ENT Complex.

To testify how suitable Dr. Yusuf is to the position is by interacting with junior staff, majority of them are showering encomiums, praying for him to reach the peak of his career and hoping others to emulate him.
He prioritizes the need of his staff, a very accommodating leader who considers all complaints, grievances and ensures all acts of misconduct are checkmated and sanctioned when necessary; His usual habit of going round all departments during working and call hours to interact with staff have greatly motivated the staff to deliver their best at all times. He still creates time to see his patients, teach Medical Students and mentor Resident Doctors. Under his stewardship, Unity and togetherness took a maiden step in ATBUTH, with the emergence of Unity Forum where all unions come as ONE to make “ATBUTH Business, everybody’s Business”. He has stanchion the fact that “as a Management, take care of your employees, and they will discharge their duties with righteousness, enthusiasm and utmost sense of responsibility”.

This piece also acknowledges and gives credit to Dr Mohammed Alkali the Pioneer Chief Medical Director of ATBUTH who was instrumental in the debut stages of ATBUTH, setting the pace in-terms of infrastructure, policy, manpower, services and training, and handing over to a worthy successor to deliver a vintage leadership. Also to acknowledge the efforts of the Top Management Committee of ATBUTH in their various capacities for Creating an enabling environment where “talents are recognized and nurtured, hard work is rewarded, quest for success is yearned for and celebrated”, you are all appreciated.

More than just an icing on the cake, Bara is scientifically coached, societally impactful, religiously knowledgeable and referred to as the tears drier to the bedeviling challenges affecting Health care in his domain. He is well-bred and had sufficiently sipped from the fountain of life to give back to the society with interest. What more would one ask for?

Usman Abdullahi Koli,