Dikko Radda @53: Spotlight on next Katsina state Governor


By Sanusi Ladan Abubakar

Giants strides made by man are usually relieved with pomp and pageantry .while some roll out the milestone amidst glass clinging.
Some play the breakthrough low but all in praises and in anticipation of better future ahead. In this momentous instance, the success story always overshadows the nauseating hurdles and barricades accompanying such feats. Naturally some people excel in various ways of life, they standout in anything they venture into, they are shining light, they shape their environment and their world.  
 Such individuals of unique poise are celebrated everywhere, an action which encourages them to reach their peak .thereby, serving as an impetus to younger generation. How else can one describe the   a super administrator  and grassroots mobiliser ,Dr Umaru Dikko Radda  ,APC Katsina State 2023 gubernatorial flag bearer as he clocks the age 0f 53 ?  
Radda perfectly described the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, when he postulates (to be yourself in the world that is trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment). A man who is tall, his accomplishments are taller than him. A man of lofty ideals, humility and generosity; he paradoxically has a simple philosophy of life and corresponding approach to challenges.
 The Super Radda’s undisputable wits and oratory power is legendary. He is a bastion of stability, he has brought progress and global attention to the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria   (SMEDAN ) .He has propelled the agency  forward in an unprecedented manner through his visionary leadership. He has also demonstrated high sense of integrity, courage, confidence, doggedness, honesty and sincerity of purpose in his task of leading the largest SME development agency to greater heights during his stint in office.
Mr. Radda graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension from AbubakarTafawaBalewa University, Bauchi, in 1996.He obtained two Master’s Degrees in Agricultural Extension and in International Affairs and Diplomacy; and also doctor of philosophy in Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology, all from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, between 1998 and 2015.A former teacher, banker and local government chairman, Mr. Radda was until his appointment as DG SMEDAN , the chief of staff to the governor of Katsina State.
The act of leading people is called governance in political parlance. It is an act instituted by God through the people. Part of service to God Almighty, going by our Holy Scriptures we can discover that at different times, those who lead the people from one situation or the other were fully committed, dedicated, steadfast and compassionate.   
No one doubts, personality is no substitute for intellect, not only simplicity, but leader’s intellect alone is useless without a personality. This prompts the introduction of Dr Dikko Radda to you .       Radda is the APC gubernatorial flag bearer and the immediate past Director General of SMEDAN  who is always willing to serve, rather than to be served. He is always willing to serve humanity despite all odds.
Dr Dikko Radda  is one of the few public servants who have stood firm to ensure that they are not carried away by the position they once occupied, the power they mustered, the opportunity they got, their financial status or the institutions they may have as defenders. Many people of his caliber become inebriated with the power they once possessed and got carried away by the positions they once occupied; thereby forgetting their roles as servants of the public.
As an astute leader, Dikko is one of the few individuals that display exceptional strides in the areas of education, health, agriculture, women/youth empowerment, etc, through his Gwagware Foundation .
Dynamic  Dikko, as he is fondly called by his admirers, combines a rare academic capability with administrative and organizational ability.  This is evident in many strategic administrative positions he held and the challenges he had overcome over the years, in the public service he discharged efficiently.
According to an anonymous admirer of Dikko Radda  does not portray Katsina as doomed State but an industrious, entrepreneurial one robust in growth, rich in culture, vibrant in labor and attractive for investment.
He genuinely believes it to possess the traits that are equipped with pedigree, integrity and capacity to drive the State through the pathway of phenomenal positive transformation to a destination where it will earnestly reflect the slogan; “KATSINA: HOME OF HOSPITALITY”  
The ruling party , APC  in Katsina has a far better chance with Dikko as its flag bearer than with any other individual. This is so because of his endowed ability to overcome most complex problems at the snap of a finger; his good leadership qualities that evoke confidence and experience paved the way for his service in numerous public offices.
Just as Martin Luther King put it “The Prosperity of a nation does not depend on the abundance of its resources or fortification of its cities but on the number of cultivated citizens”. Aside his sound academic and professional antecedents, Mallam Dikko   is seen by many as the only candidate that has comportment, level headedness and political will to deliver Katsina  to the promised land, going by his track record, experience and connections within and outside Nigeria.
By any benchmark one deploys to assess him, and in whatever clime in our firmament  of the planet earth , Dr Umaru Dikko Radda  is a stunning success , a unique gift to Katsina at this its critical moment in history and he deserve to be celebrated by all and sundry within the Nigerian geography as he clocks 53years in service to God and Society.

Sanusi Ladan Abubakar
Dutsinma writer’s League
Katsina state

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