Name search or availability search, depending on preference, is the first step to registering a company in most jurisdictions around the globe.

This activity can make or mar a good business intention, as mistakes are often made by prospective registrants or the companies registry of choice.

Inadequate guidance or understanding of the fundamentals of name approval may frustrate prospective business plans.

It is against this backdrop that the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) organized a three-day “Refresher Training Course: On Back Office Application and Effective Communication Skills” for approving officers.

Declaring the training open, the Registrar General and CEO of the Corporate Affairs Commission, Alhaji Garba Abubakar, said the training was aimed at broadening their horizons as well as ensuring effective communication between them and customers.

Alhaji Garba Abubakar, represented by Tolulope Adeola Sonaike, Assistant Director RG’s office, stated that the training was also designed to eliminate errors from both users of the Companies Registration Portal (CRP) and approving officers in order to further strengthen the current administration’s Ease of Doing Business initiative in the country.

In an opening remark, Helen Odoma of Oasis Management Company, the facilitator, described approving officers as image carriers and voices between the CAC, the general public, customers, and users of the CRP application.

Helen Odoma further describes approving officers as judges, therefore charging them to always act with sincerity, clarity of mind, dedication to duty, and of course the most reasonable scale of justice to arrive at decisions.

Speaking to CAC News at the end of the training, some participants said it was a rewarding experience and that it should be held frequently.

CAC News reports that 250 staff were expected to benefit from the training, which was to be both physical and hybrid.