Abdulrahman Yunusa
23 Dec, 2023

” Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people ” Herry Emerson

Ofcourse, its not an obscurity to anyone with indept understanding of Politics and Democracy that In Politics, Strategy and astute Plans plays a pivotal role in setting a candidate toward the track of success. And once one failed to Plan good, then the outcome would be blurry and unappreciative.

I, the one scribbling this note, my name is Abdulrahman Yunusa Darazo, I’m but a staunch fan of Baba Sadieque Airmarshal and at the same time a State member of the Air Marshal campaign council who is additionally yearning to see success of Amb Airmarshal political success in order to uplift the status of Bauchi state in the sight of both indigenes and Nonindigenes.

However, it came to our notice with great and utmost dismay that in the recent Flagg Off campaign of Airmarshal Sadieque dated Thursday, 22 December 2023 of which is the most crucial step in his political voyage as Bauchi state governorship Aspirant under the banner of APC. Actually, to say the least, he and his cohort have goofed tremendously this time, at the beginning of the game, for they failed to make an attractive move. Yet facing one of the most shrewd political actor cum incumbent governor of the state.

Though, i must acknowledge the fact that they have gathered a mammoth in his first official political campaign but that is not the only way of selling a product. Having many eyes with dearth of good marketing strategy brought nothing good to the seller, but when product is qualitative and still accompanied with good packing, it stand a better chance to be sold in short time.

Sorry to say this, to my Political knowledge, the recent outing is one of the most Haphazard, unstructured, and virtually ill-organized campaign Flag Off to have ever took place in Bauchi state. Therefore the Campaign DG and his team need to wake up and adjust for a better war which is imminent against us, they should discard the holier than though attitude of feeling they can do it alone.

The dark horses often lurks and awaits a chance to pick and use it against poor managers and against poor political strategist. This tells a lot about the future of this ambitious journey.

More so, the event was full to the brim with lacunae as some stakeholders were not carried along in the process. In short, the Campaign Committee failed to honor the entire members ranging from Local government levels to state level with bit exception as both have never been briefed ahead of the campaign exercise. Thus, even some groups among the Artisans were busy complaining covertly for the inconvenience meted yesterday at the Campaign ground.

Hence giving the bad impression that they has all it takes to go a long way with such poorly designated team. What are they trying to insinuate for God Sake, is rendering our kerfuffle, registering and voicing our grievances as diehard supporters of Baba Sadieque an offence, if its, then let it be but we must speak for the goodness of Sadieq Baba candidature.

Nevertheless, I have a Questions to ask at this juncture, and the questions requires no response at this point. What are they planning to gain with such poor outing ? What do they stand to achieved with such gang of uninformed men surrounding our future governor if they tend to go this hazy way ? Just ponder on these two question in soliloquy.

As a matter of urgency, we need to build something gigantic and reliable that can stand to the test of time. Something of which even our foes would find it hard to fathom let alone penetrating to score some political points against us. Until we become wary and smart of our affairs, our contending parties could take the advantage of our parochial approach and use it against us. God forbid.

Conclusively, Its an obvious fact that there is another crucial task to undertake, particularly in the Election. And ignoring some figures thinking they have no relevance whatsoever won’t be a smart idea because they could be the ones to root for massive votes to our giant candidate Amb Sadique Airmarshal.

A stitch in time, save nine.

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a Social and Political affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and can be reached via