254 Suspects arrested, 35 rescued by Police as IGP Assures achieving safer society


As IGP Assures Strategies Being Implemented to Achieve Safer Society for All

The Nigeria Police Force in its continuous dedication to the pursuit of justice and the apprehension of criminals across various forms of crime, as well as upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of every citizen which remains paramount as we strive towards a more secure and peaceful Nigeria, has yet again recorded various achievements in this wise.

Over the past two weeks, the Nigeria Police Force has achieved significant milestones in combating crime and criminality nationwide. The NPF’s targeted and relentless efforts have resulted in the arrest of 254 suspects, including 92 armed robbers, 153 kidnappers, and 9 suspected cultists. Additionally, 35 kidnapped victims have been successfully rescued unhurt, with 7 stolen vehicles recovered. Furthermore, these ardently executed operations have led to the recovery of 44 arms along with 477 rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

In a prominent case, FID-IRT operatives acting on active intelligence concerning a syndicate of trans-border gunrunners operating in Plateau state, supplying arms and ammunition to criminal elements beyond the country’s borders, arrested ten (10) suspects including is a transborder arms and ammunition supplier based in Obudu LGA of Cross River State, who supplies AK47 rifles, ammunition, and rocket launchers to rebels and other criminal elements in neighboring countries. Also, a factory in Kuru, Jos, Plateau state where rifles are fabricated was also discovered. A total of 2 Ak-47 rifle, 9 automatic pistols, and 1,800 rounds of live ammunition were recovered.

Similarly, operatives of the FID-IRT received intelligence of a group suspected to be involved in arms dealing and kidnapping in Sutai, Bali LGA of Taraba State, upon which they buckled down and arrested 2 suspects. Subsequent interrogation and investigation revealed that one of the suspects had been in possession of 12 Ak-47 rifles about 2 years ago, but was intercepted by police operatives while returning from an operation and had fled and managed to escape with just 2 Ak-47 rifles. The other suspect confessed to being in possession of a single Ak-47 rifle and also belonging to a syndicate that specializes in gun running and cattle rustling.

Likewise, operatives of the FCT Special Intervention Squad arrested a suspect from Audi village, who admitted to belonging to a gang of over 20 kidnappers and their informant. The suspect confessed to participating in two kidnapping operations, holding victims captive for 21 days, and collecting a ransom of 1.1 million. He also owned an AK-47 rifle, which he paid 300,000 for, and Yaroro, his gang leader, completed the balance before acquiring the weapon. He confessed that his gang members killed Ardo Shaibu and his family, eradicating his lineage from Dorayi village, Kaduna State.

These cases and others not mentioned exemplify the dedication and effectiveness of the Nigeria Police Force in combating crime and ensuring the safety of all citizens.

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun Ph.D, NPM, hereby emphasizes that the Nigeria Police Force remains resolute in the discharge of its duties, and is committed to implementing necessary measures and strategies to create a safer environment for every resident of the country.