2023: Why Dr Gwamna remains most preferred gov’ship aspirant in Gombe- Ex-Deputy gov


The immediate past deputy governor of Gombe State, His Excellency, Charles Iliya has explained why Dr.Jamil Isyaku Gwamna remains the best amongst other aspirants in Gombe State.

The ex-deputy governor who stated this while chatting with some party stakeholders in Gombe said that Gwamna has the needed qualities of a good leader which he listed as experience, capacity, philanthropy, connection, integrity, commitment, passion, compassion, inclusiveness, listening ears and open-arm policies to the needs of the poor and vulnerables.

“These are qualities that stand him out amongst others and Dr Gwamna has proven that he is a reliable ally of the common man in Gombe State,” Iliya stated.

Mr.Iliya who is the chairman of Dr. Gwamna’s Campaign Organisation (GCO) said leadership had gone beyond promises but ability to deliver by matching words with actions and in this regard “you can take it to the bank that Gwamna is one leader who doesn’t renege on his promises to people.

“Many of the youths he had employed in KEDCO and empowered through foreign scholarships are examples of what he can do.”

Another point that everyone including party delegates and all stakeholders in the PDP should look out for are Gwamna’s inclusiveness, ability to galvanise grassroots support and his good public relations; these are assets that the party can leverage to retire the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Gombe State.

According to the chairman of GCO, Gwamna’s popularity amongst the good people of the state will make campaigning easy for the PDP to rescue the state from the present APC-led government that has offered immeasurable hardship to the people of the state.

“It is time to do it right and I have critically examined Dr Gwamna’s CV and antecedents and I am sure he is the right choice for PDP and Gombe State.”