The significance of Matawalle’s political victory in Zafara State


By Zailani Bappa

Let me begin with a parable. It is what I have always believed in, though. This belief is that for one to understand and impact on the dynamics of one’s immediate society one has to differentiate what has the ability to determine one’s success or failure in one’s every action or inaction.

I believe that the ability of one to evaluate and qualify a given situation within the context and content of its exigencies is paramount in determining one’s decision and the attendant results that comes along with it

Dr Bello Mohammed has always been astute in his quality of decisions in politics. His failures in the past were not truly failures, but, rather, his stepping stones to success, and his successes have always remained resounding.

Yesterday, the All Progressives Congress in Zamfara State returned him as its candidate in the next gubernatorial elections to hold in the early months of next year. Significantly, with no opposing vote from any of the 735 delegates nor dissenting voice from every known and relevant segment of the Party in the state.

This resounding victory is not the whole of it but just one part of it. It is one of the many political victories he has recorded in the past and bright indication of more victories ahead. This is a culmination of his large heart in accommodating every variable that makes up the whole, irrespective of personal feelings and other sundry interests.

The journey to a completely united front by the entire political juggernauts of Zamfara state and their teaming followers started a long time ago and succeeded because it was genuine, honest and deserving of trust. Governor Matawalle, who came in as Governor under the People’s Democratic Party, knew the Party to beat in Zamfara state is not it. He fully realised this after he has held the structure of the party as its leader, a Governor.

That Party did not rely on any visionary focus and everyone in it look up to him alone to make every available success a reality. This negates the principle and spirit of Party politics. In such kind of situation it no longer qualified to bear the name PARTY, because a Party is a collection and confluence of ideas, efforts and pursuits and contributions.

Governor Matawalle took the bold decision to join (or re-join) the APC ideology, which is an idea he helped to form and nurture from its first debut in the year 1998, which invariably, culminated into the All People’s Party, later the All Nigeria Peoples Party and much later, the All Progressives Congress in very good faith. Afterall, it is the only thriving ideology that remains alive in the state, it’s their own idea and he has earlier represented his people under its platform at the National level.

However, the internal schism abound in the APC when he arrived was so deep that nobody thought the Party could ever exist again as one. There were now very many powerful lions in one den. It would only be a matter of time one eliminates the other and on and on. But, no, there was no elimination of any in the offing. The approach of His Excellence was unorthodox, unexpected but unbeatable. All the lions finally, came to a bus stop. They agreed to live in one den. What a moment one would say!

What is the secret?
I will tell it here. The secret to the success of bringing the APC into a one, united, formidable and unbeatable entity is as a result of Dr Bello Mohammed’s honesty, sincerity, trust, large heartedness and belief in the Will of the Almighty which today has, more than ever before, made the APC stronger and difficult pillar to uproot.

Today, Zamfara elders have become one, speaking with one voice. Zamfara political fathers and their followers have become one and speaking with one voice too. All the traditional institutions and religious leaders in the state have given their blessing to this unprecedented reconciliation. Everyone has now banded into one BROOM. This broom is expected to sweep away all the existing ills challenging Zamfara society at the moment.

Now, I would kike to know who can beat that!