Senator Bala Mohammed: Diary of a Promise Keeper [I]


By Musa Azare

During electioneering campaigns, politicians make promises to the people. Some politicians make promises they don’t mean to fulfil. They make promises to entice the electorate into the trap of voting them, only to turn into looters of their common wealth.

Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, CON, the Executive Governor of Bauchi State stands tall among his peers, in terms of promise keeping. His works speak louder for him, such that even the oppositions in the State are stunned by the extraordinary achievements he recorded in the last two and half to three years. Some people are still asking how and where on earth did Gov. Bala Mohammed gets the resources to execute gigantic projects that were never seen before in Bauchi State, considering the global economic crunch occasioned by the Corona Virus Pandemic which broke out less than one year after he took over power.

In the build up to the 2019 General Elections, Gov. Bala Mohammed promised the good people of Bauchi State that electing him means total turnaround of the State in terms of critical infrastructure the State was lagging behind in, at that time.

Below is a list of highly important road projects initiated and, one hundred percent completed under his administration since inception to date;

  1. Renovation and Expansion of Adamu Jumba Road – 100% completed.
  2. Renovation of Dogon Yaro to Zaranda Hotel Road (inherited) – 100% completed.
  3. Construction of Sabon Kaura to Jos Road Including Tambari Housing Estate Road – 100% completed.
  4. Rehabilitation of Sultan Abubakar Road (formerly Muda Lawal Market Road) – 100% completed.
  5. Construction of Nitel Quarters Road – 100% completed.
  6. Construction of Gombe-Maduguri Byepass Road (now Atiku Abubakar Road) – 100% completed.
  7. Construction of Gwangwangwan-Bakaro-Kofar Dumi Road – 100% completed
  8. Construction of Malam Goje-Bakin Kura-Muda Lawal Market Road – 100% completed.
  9. Construction of Hospital Road, Azare – 100% completed.
  10. Construction of Bununu Township Road – 100% completed.
  11. Construction of Sade Township Road – 100% completed.
  12. Construction of Tafawa Balewa Road, Azare – 100% completed.
  13. Construction of Sade to Akuyam Road – 100% completed.
  14. Renovation of CBN Roundabout-Federal Low Cost-Railway Road (inherited) – 100% completed.

Apart from the foregoing, below is another list of ongoing road projects initiated, and are nearing completion;

  1. Dualisation of Maiduguri Road – 65% completed.
  2. Dualisation of Awala to Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Road (Kano Road) – 75% completed.
  3. Construction of Yakubu Wanka Road – 65% completed.
  4. Construction of Shagari Road – 75% completed.
  5. Construction of Karofin Madaki Road – 50% completed.
  6. Construction of Jaja Road – 80% completed.
  7. Construction of Central Market-Wunti Road
  8. Construction of Itas-Gadau Road – 60% completed.
  9. Construction of Boi-Tapshin Road – 75% completed.
  10. Construction of Bogoro-Lusa-Malar Road – 65% completed.
  11. Construction of Warji-Gwaram Road – 80% completed.
  12. Construction of Disina Township Road – 75% completed.

In addition to all of the above, His Excellency Senator Bala Mohammed has inherited over fifteen road projects from the last administration, that were abandoned. Some of these abandoned projects have been completed as indicated in the list of completed projects above. And the following have been embarked upon with a view to complete them;

  1. Mararrabar Ganye-Jajuwal-Ganye-Gwalfada-Dokayel-Bakin Kogi Road.
  2. Dass-Bayan Dutse-Gajuwal-Bangim-Falantulu-Bununu Road.
  3. Darazo-Gafchiyari Road.
  4. Giade-Kurba-Basirka Road.

The Hausa adage, “Kyan Alkawari Cikawa,” is typically explained in leadership style of His Excellency Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi). In part II of this article, and indeed subsequent ones, I will take readers into other sectors of the State, where gigantic achievements have been made, as well as the new projects to be embarked upon in the near future.

Musa Azare is the Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Bauchi State on Projects Monitoring.