Kannywood and Ladin Chima’s heart-wrenching revelations.


By Adamu Aminu.

Ladin Chima, the veteran, Kano-based Hausa actress who spent close to five decades, entertaining Hausa television viewers as part of her age-long contributions to the development of Hausa drama and the language in its entirety.

But seemingly, claiming that she acquired nothing to show up in terms of stardom, wealth acquisition or anything to brag about accomplishment in one’s career.

The veteran actress, Ladin Chima who is featured in a recent BBC Hausa’s 8-minute’s celebrity-profiled clip titled, “Daga Bakin Mai Ita” which means “from the horse’s mouth,” whereby she point blankly confessed that she used to pay a meagre amount ranging from 2000 to 5000 Naira in every movie she featured in…

Despite her experience and age-long expertise, she goes to the extent of saying that there wasn’t any time, she got or paid 50,000 Naira or something there about in any movie she featured in.

Ladin Chima, a retired Hospital matron says despite her long journey of acting career from NTA Kano to NTA Kaduna down to the acclaimed booming movie industry – Kannywood she’s still homeless, grappling to find a roof over her head with her seven grandchildren.

Adding that, if not for the power of God intervention she would be among the league homeless squatting around Bata.

Tambaya as she was popularly called, whose career stemmed during President Gowon era, in an emotionally-laden face said that she recently attended a location shooting for a movie and offered a meagre amount of 2000 Naira as her payment.

In short, the heartbreaking revelations from Ladin Chima is hard to ascertain from the one-sided angle.

Lucky enough, at the time of writing the piece, a Kannywood prolific scriptwriter, Nazir Salihi has come up with reversing disclosure pinning for the earlier claims of the septuagenarian actress.

Saying that on multiple occasions he paid her a reasonable amount of money as payment for her acting services, apart from the 40,000 and 30,000 Naira paid to her consecutively for featuring twice in a comedy series titled “Gidan Badamasi”

Whereas, according to him, he said he once paid her 30,000 Naira for featuring in an educative TV advert, apart from the cash gift of 270,000 Naira given to her some time ago by the Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon.

For every spectacle, it takes two to tango, universally show business is an epicentre of scandals, claims and counterclaims, which Kannywood isn’t an exception.