Gwani: Our beacon of hope


By Isa Bature

I have been a fan of Gwani Muhammad Adam Alkali since I knew him, and my campaign for him is loud. I’m glad he has made public his intention to contest the February 26th Bassa/Jos North bye-election under the platform of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP).

This campaign for me is defining a new deal for our constituency. The campaign is about knocking on every door in Jos North and Bassa, canvassing every street corner, and mobilizing every votes for Gwani Dan-London.

I’m involved in this movement because I believe in Gwani’s capacity to deliver on all campaign promises. Throughout his life, Gwani has stood with the people and marched side by side with them. This has endeared him to many, who undoubtly see him as the future generation leader.

A businessman, philanthropist and politician, Gwani has stood as breadwinner between civilization, religion and humanity. His respect for the religious and traditional institutions in Plateau state earned him the admiration of all clerics for giving each according to their status.

To PRP, I say a big thank you for given Gwani the party’s ticket to contest for this election. This has strengthen our faith in the party especially in our constituency. We must now work together to secure victory come 26th February, 2022, Insha Allah.

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