Not Only Tinubu Is Outdated: But Any Player Across His Age Bracket -By Abdulrahman Yunusa


If History as an embodiment of past events/and past antecedent isn’t enough to instill a masterclass lesson about socio political and evonomic matters to our psyche, then its a vivid indication sign that we are not psychologically progressing as we should. As they said ” History is meant to teach people about the past and cajole them to adjust for the current time and at same time urging them the prepare for the future.

The political adversaries we have witnessed in the passed ages which caused a great and monumental setback to our lives are enough to make us adjust for the current political reality and if we happen to be wiser generation enough it could help us to prepare against the future political tsunami. 

It’s time we shun and declare the old political thoughts of vying for old people as our candidates within the jury of our political affairs ” outdated ” or ” Irrelevant ” as the way we feel it fit our mind. However, failure to do so and clinging un to any idea as this would outrightly kept them in touch with our time at our detriment .

And to be honest with you, this BAT of a thing and his alikes are out of date. We can’t succumb to be in the ocean of ” Failure trying ” in the name of voting old people in to governance. Even if you can’t afford going to go for a candidate of a lower age, at least, why can’t you choose someone of age range between 45 – 50 with vast experience on government/politics and economy ?

But insisting of ” taking in ” Tinibu or anyone of his pedigree in to presidency could be culminating in to another series of years of failure and regrets. Because it’s the person that matters but kind of thought they are being embodied with, their thoughts are purely archaic and therefore giving him any chance to be in that position is tantamount to welcoming a colossal failure with Gusto.

By the way, Its an ideal that Leadership quality at all level isn’t determine by age, rather it’s determine by zeal, determination, courage and focus of the candidate in the question. And we are sure we have people of leaders ages that accumulated such golden attributes in them, why shouldn’t we introduce them in to the game and get ourselves a better alternative ? Must we keep kowtowing before the enemies of our land of n the name of dirty activity called ” Politics of Identity ?

Also, it would be good for us at this juncture if we do away with our differences of all sorts and focus on credibility and positiveness. Let’s explore a good candidate from any part of the country and shower him/her our support unapologetically. By doing so is like we are getting ourselves out of the shackles of doom and misery.

Notwitstanding, the fact that we voted PMB to serve us diligently at the center and he fails is enough to justify the fact that the problem lies with their type of thoughts, nothing but that. For as many things evolve, our thoughts shouldn’t be stagnant rather it’s should be going through the evolution process else the repercussions of being not able to transform ourselves intellectually and psychologically must bind us.

Meanwhile, we should all know that the Nigeria of 70s is not the Nigeria of 80s so that of 90s could never be equal to that of today. So if we truly believe things transform from old to mothern then why our thoughts should be in exception ? If that should be the case then romancing people of outdated thoughts is akin to paving way to traditionalism to dominate our affairs at all ralm.

Of which such lethal action would result to many unfavorable incidence as the one we experiencing now. Above that, the idea of waiting the dominant political parties ( PDP and APC ) to conclude their shenanigans and came up with a candidate to vote from them should never be tolerated or respected again, only if we mean bad to ourselves then we can continue the way we are.

Why can’t we go for another candidate selection process as Dr Usman Isyaku  recently opined ? Is creating another political platform which will guarantee us power to give people of a better experience, whims and vision about our lives and country chance a tough task for us ? If we would be perpetually espying this as tedious task to achieve then we have a long way to go a society. Thus we are not due for change since we can’t think and act for our betterment.

And once we fail to do the needful as many theoriest and patriotic soul recommended, the old Haynes and jerks will probably maintain the evil gusto in contaminating our thoughts and bastardizing our positive ideas thereby subjecting us to their devilish policies and movements which at the end would place us in to the abyss of mess and regrets. Hence they would forever seek to withhold the control panel of our politics which determine our fates as a society.

Albeit, Not only Tinubu in particular but we should come up with a new idea of discarding and repudiating old crooks irrespective of the parties they emanate from. Only this logic can help us get out of the black tunnel which over years we have been struggling to get out but to no avail. Moreover its pertinent to know we can achieve this milestone wish by subtly denying those old hands from sensing the corridor of power and by throwing away our poor culture of ” Money Politics ” as well.

But once we fail to learn our lessons from the bitter years of colossal administrative failure and ineptitudeness and seek measures to get them properly addressed, then we are bound to be in another terrain of confusion which at the tale end, if not with God mercy they will still sink us to the abyss of mess and unprecedented regret.

God forbid

May Nigeria Succeed

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a political and public affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and can be reached via

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