Abdulrahman Yunusa

By Abdulrahman Yunusa 

” Verily, With hardship come ease ” Qur’an 94 : 6.

As it have been divinely stated succinctly in the holy book. Therefore none with strong religious background can afford to disparage this ever testable fact. Be it a Muslim, Christian, Jew or whatsoever for the verse doesn’t even contradict rationality let alone reality which we can all perceive and bear witness. So there would be no vacuum to debate this.

One can hardly be coined or seen by men of reason as a ” Patriot ” no matter how aged, workaholic he is toward the development of his home when he often fill his mind with the toxic whims of pessism because nothing such worthless thoughts bring than a gross setback to any place that is being ravaged by it.

Perhaps, any living Nigerian, Northerner in particular have experienced the gloomy days of unwanted sorry/gory occurrences, tumultuous issues ranging from religio-related violence of which Book Hram is part of, rampant killings, banditry among other conventional crimes and even political anomalies that caused a lot of psychological trauma to the victims, none stand a chance to rebuke that fact.
Well, we can say gone are the days when Nigerians inhale the sumptuous fragrance of harmony couple with unbelievable development over period of a time, the period of 1969 to late 80s marked the era of such momentous development though there are some few development that occurred beyond that years of wonders.  

However, numerous scenarios and scenes have unfolded and yet some are still folding to which the nefarious actions of the some unscrupulous elements among us are making  any man of discerning psyche shocked and dumbfounded as well.

Also, its apparent that despite the series of multitude and magnitude vicissitude of fortune which have over time maintain the perpetual habit of befalling against the giant of Africa ” Nigeria ” and couple of black narratives that keeps reoccurring since primordial time, a point of and transformative change is certain. For it has been clearly written in the magnum opus of life that whatever transpired to it zenith stage it must experience the emergence of a diminishing point.

Not because of anything but because we have reached an apex or climax of trying epoch so the new dawn is set to begin when black and sorrowful narratives would be chased way by the tides of hope, fortune and resilience. Meanwhile, the turning point is imminent and it could only be achieved by excessive determination, vision and collective effort Nigerians.

And when the question marginalization flip on our mind, I deeply know how hurtful everyone feels, but istead of such awful time, I would like our people to understand this secret concept vividly, that neither the North nor the South, nor Muslims or Christians are wallowing beneath the sorry carpet of marginalization but rather the masses and the ordinary citizens who often be at receiving end.

Thus, with regards to the above sorry reality that could only be fathom by a few rational individuals among us, I wish we can center our power and strength on fighting the men of a gutter and black hearts who often be masterminders and agents of our mess as society. Until we do something similar to this towards extirpating the woes, we will never get ourselves out of the wood.

Nonetheless, It would probably be something of a greater impact if we mind to imbibe the social psychology of fraternity as Spartans and Athens showcased at the time ancient war, inculcate the habit of a engaging in collective task toward achieving a better change as Japan and China does in the hey days of craving global recognition and imitate the spirit of Nationalism from our respective forefathers as Zik, Awolawo and Sardauna did at the hazy moments of liberating their homeland from the hand of our unsympathetic colonist and above all we should dearly romance one another to achieve a greater cause as lovers who madly dive in to love ocean aiming to be couple and have a sonorous future.

Let’s the North and South brotherly embrace their differences and shun the swift and worthless philosophy of regional tussle thereby by recognizing each and everyone as a brother keepers to one another, with that alone signal would be sent to the agent of mischief and doom living amidst us as a models or lovers, politicians, clerics, business moguls and even the least personalities among us ( The masses ) would not be spared out, meaning everyone should be dealt with decisively for the interest of the state as a whole in this regard.

And we shouldn’t relent on holding those that we have bestowed them our mandates accountable for the tragedies and catastrophe consuming us daily for without checkmating their affairs they would mischievously take our trust for granted and at the tell end throw us in to the abyss of regret and dungeon of misery.

However, we should if not must, optimistically believe that with devine intervention real, and it can be gain through critical self introspection and no matter how weird, bizarre and awful things goes, time will surely come when the ungodly incidences would be a historical pictures to reminisce. We do hope to witness the new dawn in our dear home ” Nigeria ” will soon emerge by Allah’s grace.

At the tale end, I can patriotically pray to see the odds which are causing us a great setback in our country cease to exist in a holistical form and may the daredevils who often serve as the architect of our grievous atrocities knows no peace in their lives . 

As General Mammar Gaddafi of a blessed memory said ” Nations whose Nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin ” in line with this we must pledge to be committed to see Nigeria towing the path of the world giants again.

May Nigeria prosper and live to it’s greater standard.

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a political and social affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and can be reached via abdulrahmanyunusa10@gmail.com

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