If I were Gov Ganduje, Binta Spikin

Gov. Ganduje of Kano State.

In the last few weeks, I’ve read more articles on Gov Ganduje of Kano State than I had on anybody else. For example, there is an article written by an illustrious son of Kano, from the prestigious family of Sule Gaya who wrote as if to advice The Governor about happenings in the State’s political space,  while he actually chided him, taking side with the opponents, and in the same vein claiming neutrality.

Thus it is safe to conclude that Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje is being attacked on a daily basis on the pages of Nigerian dailies under the guise of either opinions or analysis.  However, the editor’s note from ThisDay of 5th December is particularly unsavory. More so because, the Writer only employed emotions to air his views. When someone is making such frivolous claims, it would have been more authentic had they been backed by concrete evidence.

Kano State Government had denied involvement in the attack of the campaign Office of Sen. Barau Jibrin; it had given its reasons for closing down the office of a lawyer who is involved with the court case that borders on Kano Ward Congress outcome. But even if the Government didn’t do that, what makes either Shekarau or Jibrin different from every politician to warrant the use of such abusive language to make them look good? It is on record that Senator Shekarau is one of the Kano Politicians that institutionalized political thuggery. Jibrin even went as far as defending the said thugs on the floor of the senate in the wake to 2019 General elections . Yet, the Writer looked the other way, throwing caution to the wind and went berserk, abusing and undermining Governor Ganduje.

For the record, people get elected not because they are good looking (for the Writer insinuates that Governor Ganduje ain’t good looking, and that he is primitive…., whatever that means); but because they could deliver. When you look at Kano State, with its new look and the infrastructure laid down by the Ganduje administration, you will notice that he actually delivered on his campaign promises; he’d changed lives; he is an achiever- and those are things no one can take away from him, even the abuses could not diminish any of his achievements.

On this note, I’ll say the Writer may make all sorts of assumptions, but better make it more believable by presenting verifiable facts. If I were Governor Ganduje, I won’t let this go. And that is not vindictiveness. When you cannot stand the heat, distance yourself from the kitchen.

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