The histroy of inconclusive elections from 1999 to date


By Nurudeen Dauda

To begin with, this write ups does not in anyway “justify” or “support” inconclusive elections. Inconclusive elections are undesirable, our elections should and or must mature enough to the levels of free, fair and credible polls.

However, it is on record that, there were series of inconclusive elections even under Professor Attahiru Jega’s tenure (2010 -2015 ) who was adjudged by many analysts to be one of the best INEC chairmen of the 4th Republic . Please come with me !

People of conscience should not allow politicians to continue to misinform the public on the issue of inconclusive elections . If we mind politicians, they will continue to deceive us. Our legal experts, must not keep mute or become partisan on the issue . They must stand on the side of the law by educating people . Some of our politicians are acting as if  we are having inconclusive elections for the first time.  If politicians are allowed unchecked they may instigate youth to cause avoidable violence for their political ambition . The social media with its mass usership of youth must be properly guided on the issue.

I urge our legal experts, educated elite and the media to as a matter of urgency rise up to occasion and do more in terms of enlightenment campaigns on the issue of inconclusive elections. Let’s be guided by the electoral act.

As far as I know, the first inconclusive elections in the 4th Republic was in the 2009 Ekiti state governorship elections . Followed by Imo State governorship elections in 2011, Anambra State governorship elections of 2013. There was again another one in 2015 in Imo State governorship elections; and Taraba state governorship elections of 2015.

We also had inconclusive elections in Bayelsa state governorship elections of 2015. Kogi state governorship of 2015. Osun state governorship elections of 2018. Apart from inconclusive governorship elections there were other levels of elections which were declared inconclusive within the period under review.

In my observation, inconclusive elections even though is undesirable are signs of credible elections. It shows the strength of parties/Candidates.We have had the experience in the past where winners are declared with wide margin without proper conduct of elections.

Inconclusive elections is generally caused by our politicians due to their high level of desperation for power. The political behaviour of our political actors is not helping matters at all.Cases of elections violence, over-voting, snatching of ballot boxes, among others are the causes of inconclusive elections.

All hands must be on deck towards preventing factors that causes inconclusive elections. INEC should remain independent, fair, transparent and neutral.

May God bless Nigeria!

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