On Kano VAT Collection

Gov. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje

By Abdulrahman Yunusa


Here in the North we have both human and natural resources in abundance which if are met with competency and zeal can serve our purpose well, but our main problem as a society lies on how to utilize the available resources at our disposal judiciously.

As of months back, when the secession agitation was at it apogee, the southern states more specifically the southEast states have gone mad in that course. Not because they can sustain themselves with what they have alone but because they assume by doing so they could annihilate North for being what they based on economic status. 

So now that Kano alone beats the whole 5 Southeast states on VAT collection can we have their useless voices again ?  Truth is that, our governors have been showcasing a lackadaisical attitude toward revenue and other income sources that’s what make us look so worthless from the sight of our counterparts. 

But as we now begin to make a tremendous as well as dazzling move toward revamping and revitalizing the economy and other source of wealth we have, the south will now have a rethink over their wishful thoughts, gibberish and perpetual twaddle over being part of the North to live as one thing as a country.

Meanwhile, this has now lucidly signifies how equipped North is when it comes to wealth, the other states, if they wish they can make it as well even if didn’t as Kano. So all that left for us is to have strong channel from our govt that will ensure a transparent revenue generation among northern states.

Moreover, the vituperative phrases, demeaning remarks and nonsensical stereotype against north would now cease to thrive as we begin to explore our hidden as well as neglected treasures, as they say ” a word is enough to a wise ” We can now say a big thanks to those people who consider mocking North on the basis of poor economic status as their pretty business for they are the secret behind this great milestone achievement. Thanks once again dudes !

Above all, they road is hazy, thorny and rough but we can make a breakthrough when we mind to push forward with extra gusto. The narratives are close to witness a positive change and the odds bedeviling us shall soon lost their sight by God grace.
May North and Nigeria Prosper.

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a political and social affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and can be reached through abdulrahmanyunusa10@gmail.com