By Abdulrahman Yunusa

Well, If sanity and humanity is to be given due concern and respect, any govt should crave hard toward improving the wellbeing of its people through implementation of simple and affordable policies that would surely throw the bags of happiness to makes every heart sound mirthful. But here, in our own land the reverse is the case.

As it’s obvious to all that this govt, have under any yardstick, woefully failed Nigerians and the fact that this govt have lied and make several fake promises to Nigerians in their course to win the heart of Nigerians in the election time is open to all that they are bound to fail, to that regards, treachery and falsy accusations and faulty narrations have been made to paint the past administration of PDP black despite their tireless effort in making Nigeria great, they won that way and sadly here we are today.

Concomitantly, prior to the arrival of APC to power, none has  ever witnessed such an unprecedented hardship at the moment when the country is economically buoyant but only under PMBs administration that the citizens despite enough natural endowment the country is blessed with, are suffering incessantly beyond one thought. To say the least, that’s the repercussions of choosing incompetency and mediocrity to fit the position that isn’t meant for them.

Now that they are about to conform with IMF sorry-nature conditions through application of drastic Socio-economic measures upon the powerless citizens of Nigeria, it’s now that we will see the true color of those pseudo change agents. 

Ideally, as we all know govt is meant to regulate the affairs of it people thereby bringing them a solution to their ordeals, so this govt of charlatans shrew and illiterates is not in anyway in conformity with the idea govt. Since they can’t shower their altruistic hands to console with their people who are wallowing amidst of thorny terrain, then we can no longer take them serious and we shall henceforth consider them as our enemies as well.

Nevertheless, Subsidy is meant by a wise people to help the needy, and every sensible govt will tend to go with the idea when things become hard for their governed. But unfortunately in our case it appears to be upside down, for it’s the people we trust the most that are beating our back torrentially despite the odds we are facing day by day.

Please, can we still consider such useless govt and it’s boyish and antimassess policies as our true lovers ? I think the answer to this question will be a capital ” NO ” from people of a discerning minds, hence we shall not pay them the respect they suppose to enjoy from us because under no saner rule ” one could be pampering his killer ” and he tries to do something, he is either a bastard or an illiterate and I guess Nigerians doesn’t belong to either of the duo categories.

Hava what kind of a miserable life we are witnessing for God sake ? Would they now totally remove the fuel subsidy and let us pay the price of their twaddle and insensible policies with a teary eyes and anxious hearts ? What do they want from us ? Do they want us perish despite the country is ours ? Oh ! There is Allah who is the provider of anything to a Man and we do believe he won’t let us go down, in his infinit mercy, we shall find happiness despite their wicked plots against Us.

Meanwhile the most nauseating part of the scenario is that the beast are going hellbent to hoodwink the psyche of the gullible ones among us by promising to give them 5000 Naira each month as a stipend to recover the money that they’d lost in the course of affording fuel in that costly price of which they imposed without giving a second thought to their gibberish. 

However, as a government who have the legal power to regulate our affairs, they have the power to make strict policies against us but they are in dearth of power to make everyone suffer in that particular cause. 

In God we trust and he shall emacipate us from the shackles of misery which is being masterminded by the people we revere the most in those days.

Talaka will not die for their actions Insha Allah ! 

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a political and social affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and can be reached through abdulrahmanyunusa1

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily