Nnamdi Kanu

By Abdulrahman Yunusa


As the Rule Of Law vividly stated that ” Equality before the law ” should be paramount attribute attached to binding force of any given country and the law must be regarded by all citizens well and every citizen must be seen by the lens of the law as equal to any. Meanwhile all shall be treated with devoid of discriminating act while having an affairs with the law for it vows to serve anyone with justice and fairness accordingly, then why the discrimination now.

Being Nnamdi Kanu a separatist, monstrous and cantankerous man who have been committing a series of offense against his country and to which at the larger extent went hell bent to challenge the sovereignty of his state by making treasonable offense just to satisfy the ego of his own people, so we all know his case can only be dealt with under the court of law.

Therefore, neither any person among politicians nor even president himself have the power to intervene thereby making a shabby and worthless negotiation or whatever they call except when the constitutional provision bestow him such power.

As it has come to our notice that FG and NE elders had a talk lately this week about their detained son whom to us happens to be but the causative agent of so many mayhems and upheavals in Nigeria and to his people appears to be a hero who is fighting for a self govt and seeking foreign alliance against Nigeria. 

But to our great dismay the govt is ready to render them a listening ears to their boyish yearning, they tend to play politics instead of law over such critical issue, so, if issues as this can be dissolved on a mere political table then I see no logic in sending the likes of Maina, Dasuki and the rest of those who have committed a gigantic crime against the country.

Yet, with no bit of traceable change, as usual our politicians chose to honor their interest above any, even national interest is bound to be subdue so long as their vested one will triumph over it. You see, with such kind of nincompoop, we can’t move anywhere for their unethical actions are fervently undermining the wheels of the vehicle.

And things continue taking this shape, it would later sound to the upcoming generation that once they have a strong political connection they are capable of doing anything and scott free, they can even lynch, plunder national treasury and still go unchallenged. 

That’s the only signal this govt would send if it honor the request of those ethnic jingoist and get Kanu releazed, rather they should let him face the wrath of the law for the crime he makes and they should let him dance to the tune of which he and his cohort masterminded themselves. 

By doing so, the law will be more respectful and the upcoming generation will know how powerful it’s because this will throw them a signal than none is above the law of this great country. But if anything thrive in contrast to this, anything can happen in future, something worse than this is bound to take place in a near future.

Although, Marxian have over years insisted that ” Law is an instrument of exploitation of the masses in any society ” we can’t hold it to highest esteem but we can’t also discard this living fact. As we can see many among elites have deliberately breached the law and are still wallowing freely while some of which the majority are commoners have mistakenly fault the law and are paying tge price, then we can no longer falsify the above claim. 

But we do wish our narrative to differ with the ipso-facto reality and have a better and saner society which anyone would be proud of.

May the law wins against the interest of the few and may it serve anyone accordingly.

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a political and social affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and can be reached through abdulrahmanyunusa10@gmail.com