The need for series film on the life of prophet Muhammad


By Yakubu Musa

I think, we need a TV show (series) on the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The show will start from the Jahiliyya period to his birth, his childhood, his trade expedition, his marriage with Khadija, their home, the revelation, the proselytization, the hijrah, the expeditions and everything in more elaborate plots.

I have always wanted to see why the film, Muhammad, the Messenger of God, directed by Majid Majidi generated so much controversies some years ago. I only stumbled on it on Youtube recently. The major takeaway from it, however, is the need to go beyond a single movie like the message to tell the story of our beloved Prophet. We can do it in the style Drillis Etugrul of Turkish cinema, with main protagonist taking the role of Hamza, for instance.

In any case, we badly need this show. Drillis is a fictional representation. What I suggest is going to be based on authenticity. There’s no other way. From Istnanbul, Cairo and Tehran there seems to be no shortage of talent to give us this show. No more tarkon Kauna, please.