Nigeria at 61: Nigeria Beneath And Beyond 1960

Abdulrahman Yunusa

By Abdulrahman Yunusa

Perhaps, at the beginning the journey was hectic, contentious, tough and apparently rough. But yet it appears to be seemingly successive at the end for the relentless effort of those that masterminded it.
Meanwhile, it appears to be more dulcet at the end when a bettee take up the job. Amidst an era of human devaluation through filthy acts of enslavement, the roaring lions called “Pan Africanist” made a move towards emancipating their dear homes to which some lost their lives to this great struggle of African salvation.

To thoroughly and vividly give the chronicle of African journey toward the door of freedom, hardly one narrates the enticing account of how Africa was liberated from colonial masters without mentioning such outstanding personalities like of Du Bois, Nkurma, Nyerere, Pandmore, Zik among others.
These intellectual Negroes were recognized as the pioneers of the African independence journey.
George Pandmore was said to be the propeller of the movement and was among those who led from the front.
This signifies the gargantuan role these men of honor and class undertook painstakingly and this role will forever be remembered, glorified and praised by every grateful living African child.

They fearlessly faced the fire of oppression and resisted it at the best time. Despite being the son of slaves who were transported through sea and under scorching sun through the hazardous Sahara axis, but survived all these ill-treatment.
They lived as kidnapped souls and wallowed in their in anxiety to set themselves free from the barbarism of their abductors.
In the 1950s, the movement began to attract daredevil teaming African youths who ever ready to confronted the oppressors of their parents and grandparents.

Locally, after the continental activism movement the great Azikwe of the blessed memory blew horn self-governance. He search for young educated Nigerians whose minds were full with the idea of independent.
The likes of Sardauna of Sokoto, Tafawa Balewa, Awolowo, Akintola, Anthony Enahoro and other people of impeccable character join the movement.
They formed an unbreakable chain of unity, self-determination and nationalism to salvage their father land.
They were not corrupt in mind and soul. They did it for the good of all within this geographical location. Nigeria was lucky to have those topnotch activists at the hey-days of colonialism.

However, prior to our independence, a lot of events unfolded and those who studied the situation will remember with nostalgia.
The conference of 1953 was regarded as one of the major moves that led to the actualization of a sovereign Nigeria, as independence was attained around that historic moment.
It was at the conference session Sir A Enahoro moved a motion that by 1955 Nigeria must look for her independence but Northern parliament humbly rejected it.
The leaders said, “No, unless Northerners are educated on western education.” And God so kind the rejection was honored by the conference and 1960 was marked independence in line with another motion moved by Remi Fani Kayode, who stated that by April 1960 our independence should be granted, although there was some little modifications by the British government which elongated it to October 1, 1960.

Luckily enough, at the dawn of 1960, Octobern 1 the long awaited day manifested itself in a hugely decorated form. Nigerians buried themselves in the cave of exult and celebration as the country now become an autonomous state with full political, economic and cultural freedom.
Furthermore one of the ever memorable days for Nigeria has been discovered, felicitated and later sealed with the band of history.
That was the beginning of the new chapter for Nigeria and Nigerians. Huh, what a joyous moment was that day!

Beyond that a series of both pleasant and unpleasant events took place, where some are of greater value to be remembered as a happier moments while the rest became the opposite.
The rupture of nasty sode of history began to thrive right after independence, the event of 15 January 1966 is one of the ugliest calamities to befall Nigeria ever and what the country is still paying the ugly price on its basis.
 Sadly as some self-tagged gang of miscreants sneaked themselves in to the group the selfless men of honor with terrible intention of bringing chaos to the country, unfortunately, later they have achieved their unwanted wishes by killing some top Nationalist with the sole aim of monopolizing the power and seizing the credit.

Day by day, things keep taking a weird shape simply because the toxic of identity politics couple with regional nepotistic wishes were at lead then. Up till today the ugly narratives keep unfolding incessantly, but many are with the opinions it’s the price of the heinous actions of 15 January that we are paying handsomely.
Yes, we can agree with their version for none can commit a crime against God loving souls and scot-free and verily a price must be paid for that action
As at the middle of the journey a block of mistrust have been put in place by the enemy of progress, Nigerians continue to witness a series of myriad of sorry events.
Some orchestrated them for political sake, some for regional; some for economic, while only few are being orchestrated for religious sake because the entire masterminds were after economic benefits.

Until we recently and recklessly reach onto a point where we voluntarily begin to tow the path of the sorry state of Somalia with regards to peace and security, become the facsimile of Zimbabwe economically and finally move to imitate the condition of Niger as a country with highest rate of poor living citizens.
Who should be in question of our woes? The people or the leaders? Perhaps the leaders should take the burden of blame because in most cases they are the ones plotting for our mess.

Alas, as our leaders mind not to imitate the selfless and tireless spirit of the past heroes in the course of their leadership affairs, in contrary they throw the lessons which are being taught by the past heroes on how to make their nation a place of high repute, great and marvelous image in the international community.

A Way Forward

It’s a fact that a develop country can be achievable when there is an ingredients of utmost patriotism in the minds of its subject, transparency in their affairs, love and unity in their veins and most importantly when their soul is intellectually blessed with change ideas that can pave way to other endowed resources manifest themselves in a lustrous way.  Same way a country of our vision can also be actualize when we elect analytical and leaders with foresight. These are the set of people whom can efficiently utilize the little resource we have to take us out and compete with the rest of giant countries out there in the international community; therefore leadership can play a vital role in actualizing this gigantic dream.

Well, as we can stand in a better position to narrate how sick our country is and how hazy the atmosphere is at this moment is which is occasioned by the shenanigans of our unfocused leaders who are excelled in exacerbating our sorry conditions instead of bringing an ease to it.
Therefore we can also have the gut to hold our clueless power mongers accountable about all the predicaments dragging Nigeria back. Their nefarious actions in nexus with the mendacious moves against Nigeria’s unity and progress is absolutely glaring as they have the wherewithal to ignite the flame of secession among the different regions of the country for their political gains and despite the potentials we have and they can also hijack any developmental gesture, we can further resuscitate and rekindle the spirit of one Nigeria thereby walking the ideas we have at hand. Thus that could only be possible when we use our knowledge wisely instead of glorifying money over rationality.

Moreover, we have been in the company of unpatriotic citizens, who has been trying to wreak havoc on the common man.
Neither a northerner nor a southerner is free from their nuisances as agents of dooms, also a sadist as well.
Learning that we are being deceived countless times and most annoyingly being divided through the lane of political differences, religion, region and sectarian basis by some bad eggs among Nigerian elites, then it’s very pertinent for us to take a deep sigh, ponder and make a move towards self-extrication from the hole of artificial misery.
 This can however only be achieved through soul searching and introspection, and nevertheless through equipping ourselves with all the available resources.
Of course, we do have the potentials and the materials to positively transform our country as well. But lacking the zeal, whims and helping hands that will assist us in creating a comfort zone for ourselves is the huge block causing us a great setback, the agent of dooms.
 Yet we are shamelessly flaunting ourselves as the “Giant of Africa”; has not this not sound so ironically? Imagine a country that that is left behind in the developmental indices ranking among its peers and still be naively parading itself as the mother of all African countries! Huh, this is a slap on our self and a huge mark on our eyes.

However, in spite of the odds bedeviling us, we can get things right when we mind to do away with our differences and set our foot towards the path of attaining self-perfection through collective efforts and setting a blockage to the enemies of progress whom happen to our modern politicians yet source of our tragedies.
Thus, those monsters that have taken years rocking our ass and siphoning our treasury for their own gain, we must revolt against their devilish plans against us by educating our mind with strong course on Nationalism and by towing the path of rationality and fraternity of which the era of Zik and Sardauna towed upon, with such sumptuous philosophy we can get to the promise land.

Happy 61 Independence day!

Actually, Loving a country is beyond flaunting your nation and showering a falsely remark upon it and upon it past and current leaders at such memorable occasions; but it’s about having the raw faith and determination couple with zeal of moving it forward with all that you have thereby creating a conducive environment for one and all. That’s the only yardstick that can gauge one’s love in the eyes of every reasonable person.

But our level of complacency while dealing with bad omens and predicaments that might cripple us is what often reveals our bald ass.
We false claim loving Nigeria yet it often appears impossible seeing every one of us wishing the same Nigeria a prosperous and happy future rather we often chose to side with it saboteurs in the name of political support and sycophancy in lieu of resisting to their act of madness and unpatriotic moves towards Nigeria. That’s one of the big reasons of our perpetual failure.

On a lighter note, it costs nothing to be optimistic. On that regard, i do believe through fervent prayers, hardwork, dedication, soul searching and most importantly collective effort and team working, we can get the country of our vision achieved.
Hence, as it has been narrated that “It’s in line with faith to have a love for your country’, in one Hadith though it authenticity is questionable, but it can stand here to justify our actions of being in euphoria for the sake of any milestone achievement recorded by country that born out of sheer love and patriotism.

Probably Nigeria might look so ugly, chaotic, a place of haphazard setting, an underdeveloped place and some may even espy it as a failed state from the lens of outright pessimism, but I can’t afford to burry my head inside the murky hole of sheer ungratefulness to wish a calamity to befall her or wish to change it as my motherland. However, all I get to do as a patriotic citizen of this great country, Nigeria will forever be seen as our Dubai, USA, England or China that we all yearn to be part of because for over years we lived inside her; she fed us all the succulent stuffs she had at her disposal and luckily despite me wearing an anxious face, she made us happier more than we could ever imagine, for that I can say Thank you Nigeria for that you have given me.

Moreover, as it’s obvious that Nigeria is year older now since her freedom journey, i can’t relent to pray in ecstasy that may those obstacles which strangle this magnificent developing country cease to exist, now and forever and may all the bounty of blessings which are hidden be visible to an extent that sad narratives will forever be a history upon which we shall only reminisce in the future.

Finally, we must happily dive into the ocean of hope and goodwill to have the prospects to triumph against our adversaries, with that, I can say, I’m certain that Nigeria will be healed sooner or later. That’s my utmost wish upon my beloved dear Nigeria.

I love you and I cherish anything about you except the woes hampering your prosperity are things I loathe utterly.

May Nigeria Prosper
Happy Independence day Naija

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a political and public affairs analyst, he writes from Bauchi and can be reached through