Dr Goje, The shining star from Yobe


By Ali Tijjani Hassan

Last week, the north east star magazine conferred an award of General excellence award in youth leadership and peace building to epidemiologist per excellence, arduous humanitarian worker, Dr. Mohammed Goje , Executive Secretary Yobe State Emergency Management Agency (YOSEMA).

The recognition is conferred to some twinkling stars from Northeast region like; Prof. Ahmad Ahidjo, former COAS Tukur Buratai , Philanthropist Laila Ali Othman, Adamawa state Governor Ahmad Fintiri, Emir of Funakaye, and so on.

It’s known and mistaken phenomena that; when young people are appointed to the position of power, they will end up discouraging the nation by showing that they are not ripe for leadership, the words of Yahaya Bello, prior the 2019 election and the deplorable act of Elisha at sexy toy’s shop are examples.

When the story comes to Dr. Mohammed Goje, the lingering monotonous narrative take a new dimension. He beat up the status-quo by proving them wrong and disclosed to the nation that many young people are ready to shoulder the responsibility of leadership assiduously and dexterously.

It’s rarely to found a Young man in a position of power with humility and modest behavior as Goje possess.
You can attest this vividly if you take a look on how he is despising this recognition to his self by associating it to YOSEMA, despite the fact that he is the awardees not his office.

In terms of peace stability and coexistence in Yobe state and northeast in general, Dr. Goje, contributed much for the realization of the peace of our dream to reign in our dear province. He treat people equally, sometimes he would bowed his head to the lower class to make them feels comfortable in association with him.

He cares neither your religion, nor tribes, nor region rather he puts humanity first in every of his activities.
It’s via my relationship with Dr. Goje, I encodes the absolute translation of Greece’s famous proverb that says “Moderation is a poise not a pose”.

Congratulations Dr. You’re genteel characters are excellent to my admiration, keep soaring higher the sky is your starting point.

One day the world would understand that; there is a dignity in modesty!

Ali Tijjani Hassan, writes from Potiskum

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