CITAD begins second Kano social influencers summit


The Center for Information Technology and Development CITAD, has today began its two day Kano social influencers summit in Kano. The event is taking place at the Digital Bridge institute, kano.

It drawn resource persons from the academia, media industry, social media influencers, ICT experts, peacebuilding practitioners, transparency and accountability activists and youth and women from various walks of life.

Declaring the event open, the chairman of the session Mallam Ibrahim Tizhe, provost, college of gellows, Nigeria Computer society, expressed delight for convening such timely event. He has described the event that for the two days the event will show how technology and media are fusing to influence the way people run their lives for better.

Tizhe calls on speakers and panelists to discuss thoroughly the potency of social media as it affects society and as well examine the negative effects of same to the society especially impact amongst the young people as the future of the nation.

Speaking at the event, Engr. Y. Z Ya’u the executive director of CITAD and the convener, noted that, social influencer’s summit began in 2019 as an annual event stalled by covid-19 pandemic, the second editions couldn’t be conducted in 2020.

He said “the summit is an incubator and laboratory for seeding ideas that will crystallised something better that will ensuer the tranformation of Nigeria,”

Engr. Ya’u added that “its also a social clinic to interogate ideas, plan and ask questions and possibly get answers,”. It is also to deepen democracy, promote accountablity through an effective use of social media platforms.

Transiting to new normal after the covid-19 global transformation, the event hold both offline and online, he added.

In his part Professor Jibril Aminu, senior fellow, Centre for Democracy and Democracy CDD, said “the technology revolution has brought invassion of the age knowledge dynamic that posits the older you are the knowledge you have accumulated over time,” According to Aminu “the trend has been inversed with social media redifinition,”

Kano social influencers summit 2021 last for two days between 27 and 28th October. Keynotes speech, presentation and parallel panels are lined up to mark the summit.