Benue APC congress and the Akume factor

George Akume

By Musa Wada

Benue state is in a mood of celebration over the peaceful, fair, just and transparent state congress of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

But the doomsayers forgot too soon that the leader of the party in the state who is a leader par excellence, Senator George Akume, the Minister of Special Duties and Inter-governmental Affairs, has demonstrated in clear terms and in many instances that he would never superintend over a failed exercise. If there is anything to deduce from the peaceful and camaraderie atmosphere before and after the Benue state congress of the APC, it is the leadership astuteness of Akume.

With the peaceful conduct of the state congress of the APC, held in Makurdi on the October 16, 2021, Akume has been applauded for rising to the occasion to show that he is indeed a visionary leader, a political pathfinder and a rare mentor of the members of the party through his well known leadership attributes of exceptional capabilities in all aspects of the human endeavours he has been involved in, particularly his political leadership. He has shown with his leadership that has led to this rancour-free exercise that he is the true leader of the APC in Benue state presently and for some years to come.

This achievement by Senator George Akume is not new. This is because the failure of the Governor Samuel Ortom administration in Benue state has left no one in doubt of Akume’s sterling leadership qualities. Akume, who governed Benue state for eight years, has an impeccable record, setting the right template for the economic growth and stability of the state, all of which have been destroyed by the Ortom administration.

The peaceful, just and transparent state congress of the APC has shown once again that Akume is working hard for the victory of the party in the 2023 general elections in the state. Akume with this peaceful exercise has left no one in doubt that he is a rare gem of a leader, a nationalist and a detribalised leader who is contributing in no small measure to the socio-political and economic growth of the state and Nigeria in general. The transparent APC congress in Benue state has also shown that Akume is the rallying point and stabilising factor in Benue politics. As a pathfinder, he is charting the development trajectory of modern Benue state through APC’s resurgence and raising the bar of intra-party politics in the state.

He is a cheerful leader who cares about the welfare of the people and believes power in a democratic setting should emanate from the people and must not be forced on them as typified by the recent state congress in Benue, where the people were allowed to freely elect their leaders. It was really a magical moment for the APC by the leadership shown by Akume’s insistence not impose any candidate on the party, a radical departure from the norm where leaders are imposed by godfathers.

Akume believes in the impartiality and transparency of party processes. He is a leader who preaches and seeks free, fair and transparent process in which the leaders who emerge are the those who garner the most support from the party’s rank and file. Only in this manner, he has consistently believes, the party can position itself for victory. Akume believes the integrity of the state congress is of the highest priority for the APC and all efforts must be geared towards the realisation of a free ,fair and transparent process.To this end, the party officials were obligated to establish the neccessary arrangements to ensure orderly, peaceful, free and fair congress.

It is true to say that Benue state is regarded as one of the states where the APC congress was generally peaceful, just and transparent all because of the leadership dexterity of Akume.The state APC adopted consensus in electing their new state working committee, SWC. Many are today applauding the leadership of the party in the state led by Senator Akume for the hitch free state congress, noting that the peaceful conduct of the election manifest the good leadership ingrained in the party by the state leader, Senator Akume.

The free and fair congress has given the party the needed boost and hope in consolidating the progress recorded under the outgoing party leadership in the state led by Chief Abbah Moro and the promise to set the party on a higher pedestal. All hands are now on deck for the crucial task ahead in 2023. Akume must be commended for fulfilling his promise to let the people drive the process of electing party officials in line with the philosophy and constitution of the APC. He did this deliberately as a sign that he is really a democrat of repute.The consensus option was not forced on members, and it must be placed on record, as it was agreed through dialogue that birthed the peaceful and transparent Benue state APC congress and this has made the party stronger beaming with hope and confidence for the future.

For those who are aggrieved as it is natural in politics because of interest, Akume acknowledges their right to be aggrieved. He has noted that they need to be heard and as brothers they would lay all their difdrences to rest in the coming days and move on. Because of Akume’s assurances to the aggrieved, they are reaching out to the leader of the party and the internal matter would be resolved through internal mechanism. The congress, through the leadership of Akume, produced a generally acceptable and credible leadership that would build a strong and verile Benue state APC under the leadership of Mr Austin Agada.

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