2022 Armed forces remembrance day emblem launched by Buhari


The president and the grand commander of the Nigerian armed forces Muhammadu Buhari launced the 2022 emblem for the armed forces rememberance day. 
The formal launch in Abuja on Monday, annually is to recognise the world war I and II veterans for their gallantry, sacrifice and achievement, peace operations and internal security operations in Nigeria. 

President Buhari said: “Our country’s efforts at nationhood since independence have been challenged by civil strife, civil war and much uprising and violent agitations.

“However, in spite of all these, the country has remained united and the resolve of the citizens for unity remains unshaken.

“The exploits of our Armed Forces to maintain peace as well as their disposition to the unity of Nigeria have contributed in no small measure to our stability.

“We must therefore celebrate them as the pride of our country. Our faith in our Armed Forces remains unshaken and as a government we will do all within our powers to ensure that our Armed Forces are motivated to perform optimally.

“They have time and again demonstrated unparalleled patriotism, courage, loyalty and commitment as they grapple with the daunting challenges of defending Nigeria’s territorial integrity.”