Kano Establishes Agency on Anti-Street Begging


Kano state government has disclosed its resolve to establish an agency mainly to tackle street begging in the state.

Governor Ganduje of Kano revealed the plan to the leadership of amalgamation of civil society organisations in the state, during the state Executive Council meeting.

The delegation under the team lead, Malam Ibrahim Waiya, who led other leaders from different civil society groups, to further strengthen many calls for streamlining fight against street begging.

“An agency will be put in place with full staff to look into this issue of street begging. We just cannot fold our hands and see the life of innocent kids being wasted away through this menace of street begging,” Ganduje said.

Reiterating that, street begging is an abuse of children,  which, he observes prevents the children from learning the best of religion and the modern education.

While appreciating the concern shown by civil society groups, he assured that, the state government would carry them along for the successful implementation of state policy against street begging. And for sustainability purposes.

“We are happy to receive you and we are thankful for your unrelenting concern. It is true also that, we must evolve new strategy in dealing with this issue,” he explained.

Earlier the organised civil society groups sent a letter to the governor intimating him on the need to partner with them in the effective implementation of government’s Law against street begging.

The letter was sent under the platform of Kano Civil Society Forum, dated 23rd September, 2021, captioned, “Urgent Call to Ensure Total Enforcement of the Law Banning Street Begging in Kano State,” and was duly signed by Ibrahim Waiya and Peter Hassan Tijjani.

As governor encouraged that, “Your letter is in conformity with our intention.”