Letter to Zulum


Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno state was the best governor of the year, but it’s not good that just two year in office people started crying about your administration. Millions of people within the state, country and globally have commented your humanitarian gestures which is why people named you Kadimul Ummah, Arabic for man of the people.

Since its creation, Borno state has never got a legend governor with the zeal of developing the state like you. You are doing all this in order to overwhelm the entire people of Borno state as well as country at large.

Initially, your government was for the people by the people of the people, but later some people began to cry over the revocation of their land. These are mostly poor people who love, care and pray for you, which elevated you to this level.

It’s sad to hear that a poor person who struggled to acquire a piece of land only to have his right of occupancy revoked over night by the government without authentication. The only and flimsy reason by the Borno Geographical Information Service (BOGIS) is that the land was illegally acquired from the district head. Government should please pay compensation to these people to ameliorate their hardship.

Similarly, the tricycle riders, marketers and other service providers are still crying over the high revenue that government receives from them. Since Borno state has been facing the Boko Haram insurgency over the decade, it’s good for our amiable governor to consider the interest of its masses.

Moreover, most of these people have received their grant from the Ministry of Land and Survey, which hitherto handled issues of farm, before the present administration transferred this function to BOGIS.

Finally, I appeal to our amiable governor, stakeholders, traditional rulers as well as INGOs to ensure that these innocent people get back their farmlands or are refunded their money. Losing a farmland can be traumatic, leading to hypertension and stroke.

Adamu Ali Usman,
London Ciki Maiduguri