2023: Restructure Nigeria, Remove Govs Immunity — Elder statesman

Abbas Dabo Sambo

A permanent secretary from 1969 to 1979 in the defunct North Central State and Chairman Federal Government Public Accounts Committee in the mid 1980’s Alhaji Abbas Dabo Sambo has decried of what he described as the encroachment of executive function, the payment of constituency allowance to Legislators in Nigeria. The elder statesman also called for the removal of immunity of governors. 

This was contained in a letter titled “Please Restructure Nigeria ready for 2023 elections” he presented during a press conference in Kaduna. 

Alhaji Sambo called for the restructuring of Nigeria to avoid its looming collapse. 

“In view of the worsening security situation in Nigeria, there is absolute need to rethink the federal structure since it has failed, so that an improved political system is set up and adopted through “Constitutional Reform” for peace and development”. part of the letter read. 

“Nigeria’s constitution shall be reviewed before 2023 elections and there should be a new structure, the six geopolitical zones should be the nucleus with six regions, each, with a premier and a regional house of assembly. There shall be a prime minister with a deputy.

The elder statesman further explained “The present states shall remain but the new regions may add such other local government areas desirable; for confirmation by parliament.

“Political offices should be made less attractive to avoid hungry politicians muddling up the functions of the executive and the legislature: why should law makers be paid sums like constituency allowance etc, which is encroaching on executive functions: legitimate allowances shall be fixed by real experts to avoid wasteful expenditure.”