APC National Chairmanship: Considering Yuguda’s Factor

Isa Yuguda

By Usman Abdullahi Koli

In every human society, there exist people with extraordinary blessings. Whatever they do, it reflects back on the society in good shape. Such people are rare in this contemporary world, hence it takes a society long time to have them. 

Bauchi State and Nigeria at large is lucky to have one of these people, which among them he stands out to be pre-eminent. He’s widely referred to as man of all, Malam Isah Yuguda.

He was born on 15 June 1956. He was first elected in 2007, under the platform of the All Nigerian People’s Party. Yuguda was re-elected governor on 28 April 2011 as the Executive Governor of Bauchi State.

Before becoming a governor, Malam Isah had worked at the Federal Mortgage Bank, Bauchi Area Office as a Mortgage Manager, between (1981–1984). He moved to the Savannah Bank, working as a Credit Manager in Sokoto (1986–1987) and then as a Manager in Abuja (1987–1991). 

He served as a two term minister of Aviation and Transportation. In terms of devotion to duty, Malam Isah Yuguda does his work efficiently and effectively to the best of his ability. 

He is a true hero of democracy, during his tenure as a governor, Yuguda ensured dividends of democracy to every nook and cranny of Bauchi State. His passion for his people is extraordinary. It was during Isah that Bauchi became one of the most peaceful and enjoyable states in the country. 

Job creation and the welfare of civil servants was at its peak. Poverty alleviation programmes among others were implemented when he was at the helm of affairs of the state of Bauchi. 

Yuguda, is an idol to proteges, whose topmost priority is to ensure that he nurtures young capable hands that will rise and shine beyond his generation and the youth who will be good ambassadors of society. He always takes an avid interest in financial support that’s why his track record in youth empowerment in Bauchi State is second to none. 

The APC as a party which came to power after the 2015 general election has played a vital role, though faced with different challenges to the extent some view the party as the root cause of challenges affecting Nigerians. But as it is now, the APC is taking lead in receiving decampees from other political parties, including Yuguda. 

For a party to have good manifestos and to be well recognized, it needs good and well oriented politicians like Isah Yuguda who has an international and national connections and his ability to turn out things positively, is what makes him different. 

Malam Isah Yuguda, a congenial, affable, humble, lighthearted and broadminded person, is the one man to be at the helm of APC affairs it must progress. 

If not Yuguda then who can play politics at this dangerous stage and make the people truly believe that the APC is a helping hand to them? If not him, from the North-East, who has the capacity to run a party affairs at the moment election is coming closer? Do we in the North-East have anyone better than him in terms of political strategy and wiseness?

Isah Yuguda fits in, let him serve, he is the best at the moment. We hope the pendulum will swing towards him!

Koli, a graduate of mass communication, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchimernoukoli@gmail.com

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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