After The Debacle: The Philosophical View Of Abduljabbar Saga


By Ali Tijjani Hassan

Two weeks later, many people called my attention whether I could say a little about the issue of debate or debacle on Abduljabbar, but I procrastinate and wait this deluge to recede. Because i don’t like to involves my self in religious debate like this, but by now i must incur and disclosed my opinion based on Philosophical perspection.

First and foremost, if we want to understand this matter better, we must reversed our mind back to 7th July, 2021 when the invitation letter arrived to Abduljabbar from the Kano state commissioner of religious affairs. In the letter Abduljabbar were asked to attend the debate organized by the state government and justify his self before the Coalition of Kano Ulamas which comprises a clerics from the Sunni intra school sects, that are all objected to his mode teaching and preaching, I.e defamation of some valuable companions of the holy prophet Muhammad SAW and the illiteral translation of somes Arabic sacred texts coined from the Hadith which lead him to baffled and blasphemy .After then Abduljabbar ambiguously released a pictures of him before his books which he claimed to be 500 in numbers and he said with pride, he can used and served it as an evidence to justify and proved his self right before his counterpart in way that no borne individual can beat him.

The debate weren’t  hosted live due to the security advises, later the video of the debate were released. In the video we learned that, the chairman of the debate whom appeared to be the jurist were allocates 5 minutes to Coalition of Kano Ulamas to ask him and Abduljabbar too were allocated with 10 minutes to answer and justify his self right, and all of his answers must be proved vaguely. Unfortunately the pugnacious Abduljabbar does not even attempt to answer a single questions correctly, and blew the excuse of time insufficiency.After debate the panel emerged Abduljabbar as a looser and sent a confidential report and a minutes of the event to the Kano state government in order to take a proper action against his unprovable claims, Abduljabbar left the debacle complex with immense indignation.

Epistemologically: a knowledge of anything must be true, has to be believed by the person possessing it and that person must have justification (reason or proof) for his claim. Unless all these conditions are met, the claimed idea is said to be a knowledge.

After two days Abduljabbar were arrested and charged to the court with several crimes and by now he is beyond the prison bar and waiting for the trial.

Prof. Maqari’s Stance

On Saturday 17th of this month one among the four imams of the national mosque Abuja in person of Professor Ahmad Sa’id Maqari during his Muwadda Malik session were asked on the matter, curiously Prof. Maqari answered the question and declared Abduljabbar unlettered who is serving the interests of some oriented atheist. Then he charged the Ulamas that are accusing Abduljabbar for politicizing religious matter. But be cautioned that Prof. Maqari said he do not even listen to Abduljabbar’s session unless for a while and not above 3 minutes.I, as a learning pupil, i known the sentiments of Abduljabbar’s factions since about 5 years ago. Since Abduljabbar is talking about Fi’atul Bagiya then he used opportunity of Jau’ful Faira session that he is presenting in his mosque of As-habul khafi to insults and defamed the names of high level order of the Hadith authorities like Anas Bn Malik and Abu Hurairah may Allah be pleased with them.Aesthetically, Prof. Maqari were not supposes and entitled make a such statement and criticized Coalition of Kano Ulamas since he has no thorough knowledge about Abduljabbar and his movement and He don’t listen to his audio clips and He don’t read any of his books. While knowledge can only be gained via senses.

Kano Ulamas stance

Some members of the Coalition of Kano Ulamas which comprises the Tariqa (Tijjaniyya and Qadiriyya), JIBWIS, and Salafist.Has received the criticism of Prof. Maqari some turned off there ears and some don’t.Naturally not every individual persons is designed to accept criticism whether its constructive or destructive. He who ever you criticized not necessarily to be changed, but ended justifying his self and criticising, then even condemned you in returned.Therefore, Sheikh Abdallah Gadon Kaya, and Hayaki are naturally right for criticising back the Prof. Maqari.

The Followers

The problem with the followers of each Islamic creed is that: At-taqleed (blind obedience) people are not after truth, they are after there referable scholars.I will only accept from the sheikhs of my side and reject from his one another.

Rationalism (Boko Aqeeda) and Devotees (Ustazai)

After all the diversion of Tariqa, Izala, Salafiyya. Every part of these creed were merged and redivided into duo particularly in Social Media Community.Boko Aqeeda it’s a phenomenon that believe every sacred, religious, or Qur’anic theories must be proved scientifically, if not would be considered as fictitiousness.

Then they said they are “Sectless” but unfortunately they are most diabolic and spew a bad wish, intentional insults to their counterpart I.e devotees.Devotees are always trying to retaliate the actions of rationalist, and this cause much competition between the duo and make the living in this cyberspace a bittersweet.On information when it comes to error of one sides we all became Town criers, we should kept sharing unless when it got venerated and boom.

May we all be united under the umbrella of Islam.Blessing and salutations be upon to our beloved and Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Ali Tijjani Hassan,

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily