Message To Nigerian Parents


By Salim Yakubu Akko

It has been long that in many things, our parents have been yanking away our dreams for a better Nigeria.  Dear beloved parents, you were the past, the present of the howling Nigeria. You are the bedrock to producing a promising and paramount future for this bleeding country. But this can be done only if you are intentional in bringing about everlasting change.

The solution to attaining the promising future we have been dreaming of in this country is linked to answers to the following questions: what causes hardship, kidnapping, terrorism, poverty, insecurity, tribalism, corruption and other numerous indices bedeviling every sector?

The strong horses that gallop for the development of this nation are helplessly broken to the extent that it could be very difficult to rescue this country. This is understandable considering the way you deal with your sons and daughters in your respective communities.

Many parents no longer care about their children’s behaviours and this encourages the children to get involved in bad acts such as kidnapping or killing of innocent people. And it does not stop at killing people outside, if care is not taken, they may one day unintentionally kill you due to drug addiction.

A child is a society. If he is built positively, so does the society. There is a saying that when you teach a child good or wrong from his younger days, he would definitely consider what you taught him as good even if it was bad.

Dear parents, it is not in doubt that you are an enabler of poverty, corruption, violence and so many indices  causing backwardness to this country. If you have taught your children to love everybody in a society irrespective of one’s tribe or religion, the rate of some barbaric acts bedeviling this country in every sector could have been less.

Akko writes from Gombe


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