Buhari’s anti-corruption record after 6 years – CDD’s Report


An organization advocating for transparent and accountable public governance in the West African sub-region, the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in a report said President Muhammadu Buhari’s promise to fight corruption with zero tolerance has remained largely unfulfilled, adding that the president’s failure fuels Nigeria’s worsening insecurity and undermines democratic promises.

CDD slammed President Buhari for not doing enough to combat the endemic corruption in the public service, despite having gained power on the back of the promise to fight the ill, that is largely responsible for Nigeria’s rarely improving development crises.

CDD said, however, its criticism does not mean the Buhari administration has done nothing in the area of anti-corruption. It then gave an outline, including improved financial centralization, referring to TSA and IPPIS; and higher conviction rates by anti-corruption agencies.

While acknowledging that the decision to appoint Abdulrasheed Bala to lead the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is a great choice given his experience as an investigator, the centre struggled to find any other meaningful achievement in the anti-corruption fight between last year’s report and now.

Highlighting the anti-corruption failures of Buhari’s administration, the report highlights the president’s tendency to appoint persons with questionable characters to public office.